A third intifada is likely this spring (Zechariah 14:1,2) and a US megaquake in May ('as the days of Noah') because 'the day of the LORD' was signaled by the solar and lunar eclipse and Iran Nuke Treaty last year,”

The view is like our connecting dots for pictures we drew as kids. In this case, various passages are connected by similar phrases, and coincidences are amazing.

For example, “the day of the LORD” is linked to the solar/lunar eclipses last spring cited in Joel 2:31, and it is also linked to the Iran Nuke Treaty by 'Peace and safety' talk in 1Thessalonians 5:2,3. Both those signs marked last year as facing [paniym, Hebrew word in Joel] 2016.

Joel also links “the day of the LORD” to an earthquake, Joel 2:10,11, as does the prophet Zechariah 14:2. As support for timing, the jubilee cycles is defined in Leviticus 25, where jubilee is announced ON the Day of Atonement* for the 50th year after seven weeks of years, but the 50th was also the 1st year of the next 7-year cycle so they came every 49 years.

This is the basis of the prophecy in Daniel 9 that 70 weeks of years were given to Israel, reaching from the decree to rebuild Jerusalem in 457 BC to 34 AD. Those 70 x 7 years spanned 490 or 49 x 10 jubilees. 457 BC was a jubilee event. It gave Israelites freedom to leave Persia and rebuild Jerusalem.

40 more jubilees (40 x 49 = 1960 years) from 34 AD bring us to 1994 and the end of 50 jubilees from 457 BC. But the Bible also counts in terms of 1000 years in the 2Peter 3:8-10, where a day is like 1000 years. God gives us 6 days to do our work (4th Commandment) and 6,000 years. “God is not slack...the day of the Lord will come.” This information suggests that “time's up!”

20 jubilees, 490 + 490 = 980 years with 20 left over in 1000 years. These 20 years fit precisely at the end of the 50 jubilee cycles in 1994-95. In 1995, Pope John Paul II spoke to the UN General Assemby ON the Day of Atonement* AND 20 years later, Pope Francis spoke to the UN General Assembly ON the Day of Atonement* (last fall) as another signal in biblical reckoning.

The coincidence underscores the significance of the 25th chapter of Leviticus where Israel was to be punished “seven times” more if they failed to learn their lessons. So when we read in the 4th chapter of Ezekiel that they were in apostasy for 390 years, seven times over would be 2730 years.

Israel failed; the Assyrian Captivity began in 722 BC. (Google) The math is easy: 2730 – 722 = 2008 or 2009 (no year “0”). Any prior return of Jews because of UN permission in 1948 is premature as it's from the beast system of New World Order and subject to the scattering in Zechariah's 1st chapter.

Daniel 12 shows his book sealed till the time of the end. The vision of the ram and goat in Daniel 8 is “at the time of the end.” That means a double application of Daniel's prophecies.

Jerusalem will be destroyed with a new decree to rebuild it (the end-time application of Daniel 9). This new decree will be the basis for the real “aliyah” (return) of Israel to the land that's likely to be proclaimed this jubilee year as implied by a decree to rebuild from an impending destruction.

That land of the the covenant with Abraham was for his “seed” in Genesis 15. Christians and Muslims also have a rightful claim to that land as Abraham's seed, but must choose to live by the statutes and judgments as seen in the New Covenant Promise in Ezekiel 36:24-28.

This is the basis of two sticks, one for Judah and one for Israel, becoming one stick and one kingdom in Ezekiel 37. It's staggering to see 2500 years of 50 jubilees focused on this spring and a 3rd intifada that may initiate events.

The two-stick imagery of Ezekiel, Judah represents Jews and Jerusalem while Israel represents the 10 tribes that were scattered and intermarried with Christians so that America will also receive judgment with an earthquake initiating “the day of the Lord” (Joel 2:10,11) in May “as the days of Noah” or “like a man traveling to a far country.”

Those clues from Christ for a late Passover in May are missed by most readers unfamiliar with the law in the Numbers 9:10,11, but that law in effect “till heaven and earth pass," Matt 5:18.

The earthquake is expected to bring martial law when “one shall be taken and the other left.” America becoming like Egypt in Bible times, a place of bondage and surveillance with a dozen parallels between the greatest countries then and now, including their murder of infants.

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