Today's world demands perfection and precision, be it any field. Due to stiff competition, jobs are provided only to those who are the best and possess all the required qualities. Thousands of people apply for a single post; therefore it becomes very difficult to choose the best candidates. Thus, a stringent and precise method of recruitment has been appointed by many fields of career. One such recent change in the age old method of recruitment is being worked upon, in the judicial service. The Law Ministry is aiming to select judges through an All India Judicial Service Exam. However, the question paper will be set, keeping in mind high standards and would recruit only the best candidates.

Though there has been a lot of speculation about the judicial service exam, nothing has been finalized yet. The candidates aiming to apply for this exam must keep up with the recent updates in order to gain maximum information. However, it has been decided that before conducting an exam on a national level basis, the judicial exam must be held in states. This will allow equal and unbiased representation of all the states/districts/regions etc. The judicial service exam has gained much appreciation and support from the youth who complained of variations during recruitment. Such an opportunity, they feel will help recruitment solely on the basis of talent and skill, irrespective of the law school you belong to. Also, this will be very helpful to increase the quality and standard of recruited judges, who will further improve the quality of language used in judgments. There are also plans to set up a training institution for the officials and sponsor their higher education in Ivy League Institutions. It is a drastic step to bring a change in the Indian Legal Service by helping it match up to coveted career choices like civil services. The question paper will be prepared by a faculty of best and trained professionals, who will, keeping in mind the high demand, design a question paper with high difficulty level. This will build up a new team of officials who are well informed and highly capable for the work.

The proposal for the judicial services exam is yet to pass. However, the candidates who want to apply to the Indian Legal Service can celebrate this new endeavor towards future growth and this new change in their career field. They must stay updated and be ready for such a large platform where they can exhibit their talents and skills.

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