Juhu beach is one of the most famous beaches in Mumbai. It is situated on the shores of Arabian Sea in Juhu suburb. There are three main entrances to the beach. One is from the vile parle side, another is from the Santacruz side and the third one is from the Andheri side. At the time of India Tours you should also visit the most famous Goa beach and Kerala beach.

Many tourists make it a point to visit the beach when they come to Mumbai, as it is a relatively uncrowned free space in the city, although it does get crowded in the evening and the weekends. But the beach is too much polluted; it is generally advised to don’t go inside water. The Juhu beach is famous for its Mumbai street food, notably Bhel puri, pani puri, chats and of course paw bhaji. The natures of the food stands hygiene standards are often high. On the southern end of Juhu beach there are many luxury hotels and apartments. Juhu beach has also many luxury hotels and apartments. Juhu beach is also a very popular place for aircraft watching as planes from Chattrapati Shivaji International Airport usually takeoff directly over the beach towards the sea.

At the north end of Juhu beach there is a place called Gandhi Gram. It is also famous for its mesmerizing sunset when the horizon against the vast unending expanse of surging Arabian Sea is resplendent with a host of hues. That is the violent red of the dying sun turns into reddish grey. Come to witness this awe inspiring spectacle when the sun softly descend in to the Arabian Sea leaving behind the patches of its redness which you can lap up a memento of your visit to this fantastic beach.

Always a popular hunt for the city dwellers Juhu beach has more than sand and sun, it is famous for Mumbai’s own street food. You could relish on lip smacking vel puri, pani puri, shev puri, chats and don’t miss out on the detectable Pav Bhaji. You may not count on hygiene of these foods, but of course when in India one got to be strong and resilient. But if even that fails to turn you on, then the rest assure that you have a clutch of some of the most luxury hotels and restaurants in the vicinity to keep your taste buds contented. You may also love to know that today Juhu is home to some of the iconic stars of Bollywood too.

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