Over the past 18 months, healthcare organizations have struggled to provide care to large numbers of the infected while simultaneously containing costs, maintaining compliance, and increasing efficiency. Symplr is a leader in a large and growing healthcare operations and governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) IT market. 

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One of the executive leaders at symplr responsible for defining and implementing strategies that improve healthcare organizations’ operations to, in turn, improve their outcomes is its Chief Strategy Officer, Julie Walker.

Julie is a key player in symplr’s success and growth in the healthcare IT market and leads the company’s M&A strategy by coordinating the execution and integration of acquisitions and partnerships. 

Effective Technological Advancements

Returning to one of symplr’s central tenets—to keep patients at the center of the company’s mission and daily activities—Julie states that it’s integral to the way symplr has helped healthcare organizations elevate and deliver care resulting in optimal outcomes. 

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