Monthly Forecast : July 2016

Since April 17th, you probably have experienced constant setbacks or restraints. This was largely due to your ruling planet Mars going retrograde in the heavens. However, on June 29th Mars stopped his backward spin. Now your powers are unleashed and free to move in a positive direction. The New Moon on the 4th lights up your home and family sector. Closer bonds should be reestablished with them. The 5th and 6th are fortunate days for all matters dealing with real estate from selling, refinancing, or purchasing a home. Joint finances and loans can easily be straightened out at this time too. Romantic opportunities will overflow when Venus enters your love sector on the 12th. Her transit thru the rest of the month here will transform you into a love magnet. This is also an extremely favorable period for businesses related to art, music, entertainment, and financial speculation. Those wishing to conceive can have their dreams of parenthood fulfilled. The Full Moon on the 19th shines a bright light on you career sector. Overdue praise and maybe a bonus are finally forth coming for all your hard work.

The New Moon on the 4th creates an intense longing within you to stretch your physical and mental boundaries. Short trips taken until the 11th can produce promising opportunities for romance and business expansion. Self-employed Bulls should also be getting the word out about their businesses now too. Plan an advertising blitz to stimulate sales. From the 12th onward, home will be where the heart is. While romantic fix-ups by family members in the past may have been living nightmares, give it a try after the 12th. Venus, the Love planet, enters your home and family sector. They just might have the right candidate worthy of your heart at this time. The 19th thru the 27th are auspicious dates to set up a home based business. On the 29th family members can become quite vocal with their judgements of some of your lifestyle choices.

You’ll be highly motivated for much of July to increase your bank account. The New Moon on the 4th inspires you to focus like a laser on setting goals and unearthing ways to increase your income and financial holdings. With Mercury transiting this sector too until the 12th, you’ll be both practical minded and rational with your approach. Venus entering Leo on the 12th opens up the love lines of communication with your beloved. There will be instilled an easy flow for discussing mutual intimate romantic feelings. Unattached Twins may find love on short trips or attending local community functions. The 20th thru the 27th is great for mediating conflicts both of a romantic and financial nature. Get the word out this month about your talents and business. You’ll find others flocking to do business with you as a result.

Let the rays of the silvery New Moon on the 4th entice you to emerge fully from your shell. A new path is lit up and if bravely followed, will lead to exciting experiences. This is not the month for you to be faint of heart. Venus, the Love planet, aligns with Mars, the Passion planet on the 6th. Romantic sparks will radiate from your aura, mesmerizing all. The 8th thru the 10th is the best time to handle all important communications. Starting on the 12th curb the impulse to make quick financial decisions or purchases. If you take the time to logically go over all the details, you’ll get a better deal. The Full Moon on the 19th might shake up your relationship sector. Your significant other may feel they have been overlooked due to your busy schedule. A big dose of TLC is in order to smooth things out. Business partners and clients can become quite demanding too. Best not to promise more than you can deliver.

The New Moon on the 4th falls in your sector ruling Secrets. Beware of getting caught up in idle gossip or spreading rumors. What you innocently comment on, can be blown out of proportion and deliberately used against you. It might be revealed that someone has a big secret crush on you. Romantic relationships on the whole take on an air of being more private. Dreams will boarder on the prophetic on the 5th. Use the messages received as accurate guidance. On the 12th, Venus entering Leo makes you the cat’s meow. You won’t have to roar to get your wishes fulfilled. A gentle purr will get others to do your bidding. The Full Moon on the 19th is an excellent time to incorporate some positive lifestyles into your routine like yoga or better nutritional choices. On the 22nd, your ruler the Sun, enters your First sector. You are free now to boldly forge a new path.

The New Moon on the 4th highlights both your social and professional dealings. With Venus and Mercury involved until the 12th, you should be actively networking and making new rewarding contacts. Others will be attracted to your sparkling personality and draw you into their upper social circle. Unattached Virgos can meet someone new thru a group, friends, or involvement in humanitarian work. There is a strong possibility that a friend can turn into a lover. The Full Moon on the 19th gets you highly inspired to give birth and showcase your creative talents to the world. Virgos with children can establish closer bonds with them thru family activities. The 27th presents a lucky break with finances.

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