Jumex deprenyl is a well known brain power enhancing drug belonging to the category of medicines called nootropic drugs or smart drugs. This brain boosting medicine is also known as Selegiline and Cyprenil and is widely used across the world as an alternative medical treatment for alzhiemer’s disease, parkinson’s disease and depression in many elderly people suffering from senile dementia, depression and mental decline.

Deprenyl has been found to increase mind power by increasing the dopamine levels in the brain. As dopamine levels are responsible for many key brain functions such as mood, memory, emotions, motivation, concentration, and overall brain energy, by increasing these dopamine levels in the brain, deprenyl can enhance cognition, improve memory, alleviate mood, reduce depression and increase overall motivation and enthusiasm of the individual to perform his day to day activities with interest and energy.

Also it has been found that these dopamine levels tend to decrease naturally with age and this decline becomes all the more steep after the age of 40 years. Thus to maintain youthful levels of dopamine in your brain, you need to take a daily deprenyl jumex dose as an anti aging supplement or an anti depressant to not only increase mind power and concentration but also increase energy, sharpen focus and enhance your mood and desire to carry out your routine activities with motivation and enthusiasm.

A daily deprenyl supplement also go a long way in increasing longeavity, improving sex life and preventing the occurrence of serious mind related disorders and conditions such as alzhiemer’s disease, senile dementia, depression and parkinson’s disease. As deprenyl benefits extend beyond increasing mind power to reduce depression and enhance sexual desire, it is considered by many as a lifestyle drug for better and energetic life.

Deprenyl thus has innumerable health benefits. With its power to increase dopamine levels, deprenyl reduces cell deterioration in key parts of the brain where dopamine is transmitted – prolonging lucidity and extending life expectancy potential. Being a nootropic or smart drug, deprenyl is devoid of any toxicity or adverse side effects. It’s non habit forming feature makes it a popular anti depressant choice over other habit forming anti depressant drugs available in the market.

The very few and rare deprenyl side effects include headaches, nausea, stomach upset and insomnia. These side effects disappear once body becomes used to the effect of the medicine. Recommended deprenyl dosage is 2.5mg to 5mg once, twice or three times a week, or, 1mg to 3mg per day, with regular breaks.

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