Your conscious reinvention doesn't have to look like anyone else's idea of success.

Your reinvention - your awakening and transformation - is at the heart of what I do. My deepest desire is that you can see yourself as the gift you truly are, to think bigger about who you are and what you offer the world. What matters to you is on purpose and you came to this life with talents and gifts that are meant to be use. So today, I want you to consider what is it you really want to do - and what's keeping you from that?

If you find you're not satisfied with the status quo, it is all on purpose. The dissatisfaction is there to create the energy or momentum to help move you forward. Fall is a beautiful reminder to release what no longer fits. Just as the seasons change so do our lives. You have cycles built into your life to continually reinvent - to gain the benefits of the lessons learned and and let go of the baggage you no longer need on your journey. Hanging on to work that no longer serves you will only ensure the pain increases...until you pay attention. This is all part of the conscious reinvention process.

Each job you've had has been about healing a part of yourself. What pain needs healing how? Let that awareness direct your next steps.

I encourage you to be observant and open to what is showing up in your life right now - because it's there on purpose - serving you in some wonderful way. Give yourself permission to embrace all of who you are and watch and see how your life can be transformed. That's the beauty of connecting with your destiny path. It can be so much bigger and more beautiful than you ever expected. And trust me, it will be exactly right for you, bringing more meaning, joy and abundance than you can imagine. The best part? It doesn't have to look like anyone else's version of success.

You can tap into miracles, blessings and insights to help you achieve the breakthrough that you long for. Trust yourself to know what is right for you.

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Conscious Reinvention in Minutes:
If you’re ready to go deeper, this section can help you gain momentum in minutes.

• What do you dream about?
• What parts of you are you stifling, ignoring, or hiding?
• What's keeping you from realizing your dream or using those hidden talents?

Ask "what if" questions. We can have trouble thinking of new ways to approach our purpose - or even how it could all blend together because our thinking may be blinded by the status quo. "What if" questions help us break free of constraints and opens us to opportunities that may be right in front of us.

Look outside your box. Seek advice from people outside your organization. The worst thing you can do is isolate...and try even harder to do what you're doing. It takes energy to get outside input, but it's necessary. Each time you talk with someone, finish with the question, "Who else do you think I should speak with about this?"

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Conscious Reinvention...Your greatest opportunity is to remember what you already know.

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Anastasia is a Certified I See Your Dream Job Career Intuitive, award-winning co-author, and reinvention coach - out to change how we view the work we do. The number of people who are unfulfilled in their professional lives is epidemic. 71% of the workforce is either disengaged or actively disengaged; in some places in the world it is as high as 93%. Here’s the good news… Your dream job is hidden in plain sight. You don’t have to pretend to be satisfied with your professional life. Now you can discover your great work with ease. There’s a reason you have the dreams and talents that you do. You are here to realize your biggest life and highest potential through the work you do. Anastasia was trained by the Master Career Intuitive Sue Frederick and uses the methods outlined in her book “I See Your Dream Job”.

As creator and host of the Visionary Leaders BreakThrough, she teaches her signature 7 Keys to Reinvent Your Life program. In her latest book, Anastasia is featured alongside Marshall Goldsmith and Ken Blanchard in Ready, Aim, Excel! An Amazon International Bestseller, which received the Gold eLit award and is nominated for 2 other awards. Anastasia is a Featured blogger, Linked2Leadership, a top 16 leadership blog in the world, Nominated for NAFE Women of Excellence 2012, Stanford 2012 Who’s Who Registry, Associate Certified Coach, and International Coach Federation, and Former Corporate Vice President.