Starting a weight loss program begins with motivation. Maybe the person in the mirror has gained a few pounds, or your jeans are bursting at the seams. You may not be able to climb a simple flight of stairs without losing your breath or getting winded. Whatever the reason, you feel that you have to work on your weight. When it comes to weight loss though, people are natural procrastinators. Dieting always begins tomorrow, they say. And that's why we need tips to jumpstart out weight loss plan.

Prepare yourself mentally, emotionally and physically. Make your goals clear and specific. If it helps, enter into a contract with yourself. Cut out a picture of a dress you'd like to wear. Tape it somewhere you can always see. Make sure that your goals are realistic. Unrealistic goals will just frustrate you. It would be better if you start small and progress to more ambitious weight loss goals later. That way, you'll have a clearer idea of what you can and cannot do in terms of weight management.

Always have a plan. Most people would have a jumpstart diet. However, a too restrictive diet may be difficult to sustain. A sensible, well balanced diet is a better option. For example, commit to a 1200 calorie diet. This would mostly consist of complex carbohydrates, quality protein, a little fat and lots of fruits and veggies. Keep a diet and fitness journal. Write down everything that you ingest. Also, write down everything you do towards reaching your goal. Be honest. Tell it like it is. If you slipped, fine. Just get back to the plan as soon as you can.

Make it a big deal in your life because it's true. Improving your health should be a big deal. Ask your doctor's advice before starting exercise. Get new shoes. Get a new exercise outfit. Tell your mom about it. Clear out your schedule. Put exercise in prime time. Write down how exercise makes you feel. Experiencing its benefits is different from just knowing about it. Love exercise. You can jumpstart an exercise program by doing an activity that you like. If you love swimming, choose it as your exercise on the first day of your weight loss plan. Associating exercise with pleasant memories makes it more enjoyable.

Starting a weight loss plan is not easy. You have to prepare yourself well to face the challenges of changing a lifestyle. After that, dive right into it. Procrastination will get you nowhere. The sooner you start your weight loss plan, the better for your health and your looks.

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