How would you react if you reach a place which is close to your city where you have been living for a long period, however, you didn’t explore it before? I think your reaction would be mix with surprise and a question mark that why I couldn't be here before.

Well, there are plenty of places near Delhi and Gurgaon (Gurugram), which are beautiful according to gathering for the one-day picnic, but if you get a chance to go near the natural green hilly jungle between the concrete forests of a metro city like Delhi, it's really a wonderful thing.

Today, I would like to share my experience with you about such a nice place which was full of adventure activities. Actually, its name is "Jungle Adventure Retreat" which is a farm-based tourism product developed as picnic ground and resort. Its location says everything about the name itself, sited on the edge of beautiful Aravali hills in Gurgaon, Haryana.

I came to know about this newly developed adventure resort cum picnic spots near Delhi from one of my good friend, Mr. 'Amresh' who has been commercially associated with this property recently. He approached me to visit this spot once and give any suggestion to develop or market this new tourism product digitally on the local level to grab the attention of people belongs to Delhi, Gurgaon and rest of NCR as he knows that I am a professional travel blogger and digital marketer apart from an adventure traveller who stays on the roam to explore offbeat destinations with the laptop in the bag. How could I refused? I have given the assurance of seeing this place once and reached on the occasion of Diwali for two days just one day before the this great “festival of light”.

My friend was there with some available staffs for welcoming me. We were feeling delighted to see each other after a long time just outside of our MBA’s classroom, lastly attended together in the year 2010.

He told me that some staffs have gone to their native home on the occasion of Diwali. However, few are here to this remote land to taking care me. It was about 10 o’clock in the night, we were taking the dinner and then in sudden a sound came toward the behind of main building perhaps right from the jungle. “It seems that a leopard was on a hunt into the jungle”, my friend told me. We had finished our dinner. An incredible peace was spread all around at night which is absolutely lacking in the city. I was feeling sleepy and went to my room.

I wake up in the morning with the chirping of birds around 5.30 AM. After getting fresh, I went out for jogging. Looked good to see the greenery spread all around in the early morning. The entire area was buzzing from the bird’s melodious voice that exposes the rich value of fauna in Aravali mountain range.

I got a call from one of my friend, 'Mr. Deepak' on the way. He asked me where are you today? I told him close to you near Delhi in Aravali, came here on a call to celebrate Diwali by our common classmate, 'Mr. Amresh'. I did invite him to join us at the resort for the celebration too and he assured to meet us hardly in 1 hour at the resort because I am also in Gurgaon right now.

Approximately after 1 hour, I came back to the resort premises by examining the surroundings and nothing and there was no change in anything regarding the environment. My friend had also woken up and till then Deepak had been also entered in the resort premises. We all three old classmates met. We were really feeling delighted to see each other. We started having tea and after that tried to take part in some adventurous activities, started one by one. I had completed all the rope based obstacle course within 90 minutes including a magnificent zip line. Though this was not my first experience to participate in such adventure, however, for the guest’s delighting purpose, all the adventure activities are very well mounted in the resort.

The property has very well maintained lawn surrounded by beautiful plants. The loan area is generally used for playing cricket, basketball, volleyball, team building activities and other fun games at day picnic or corporate team outing. Visitors could get the detail and book resort for their via team outing near Gurgaon .

After having breakfast around 9.00 AM, we started playing a cricket match with all the staff members and enjoy a lot.

We had a delicious lunch with some special Veg and none. Veg dishes prepared by asst. head chef concluded on the hot Gulab-Jamun as dessert. “Today is Diwali so I have to get ready for the evening worship with all the required goods”, my friend told me and went for the preparation.

We all have gathered together in the evening to participate in rituals on the occasion of Diwali at a sacred place inside the resort and completed it with Aarti (a song dedicated to Hindu God and Goddesses). By then the other staff members had decorated the colorful series bulbs in the premises. Prasad was distributed among all us after worship. It was my first Diwali, which was passing through solitary of forest in the absolutely peaceful ambiance without the noise of crackers. We had started the party and enjoy good food along with music and dance on Diwali night and celebrated the festival of light at it best.

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Shashank has been associated with travel and tourism industry for a long time. An experienced travel writer, blogger, digital marketer, adventure lover, and an emerging young travel & tourism entrepreneur.