Back in June of 2010, Jupiter had entered Aries. At that time, we may have been thinking about, or already approaching some major moves in our lives to bring new excitement. For me, this is when I decided to start my own new journey and studying yoga, what about you? Jupiter is a lifelong scholar, and he flows wherever life may take him, which is no wonder why he is so knowledgable and blessed with good fortune. He is the ruler of Sagittarius, so think of the personalities of some of the Sagittarian people that you know, who enjoy the simple life because they have tons of confidence, generosity, courage, spirituality, and laughter. Now, as soon as Jupiter entered Aries, he immediately began his retrograde in July. Here is where our normal patterns shift, and rather than taking the ‘high road’, we turn inward and hold on to all that we normally would give away. We may gain weight at this time, or become bloated by holding on to too many things in our life. We can feel burdened with limitations, and get sloppy with the way we appreciate life. We can get too involved with ourselves, as we search for purpose. We become hoarders, using whatever we own to seek self-knowledge. Then enhancing his reversed backstroke, Jupiter continued to flow backwards in the retrograde stream, where he reunited with intoxicated Pisces. We may have gotten lazy and careless with the good things in our life, chancing it all on luck and assumptions. Procrastination may have set in. In November 2010, Jupiter finally stationed to turn direct in his travel. He helped us learn something about ourselves when we tried an unrealistic path.

On January 22, 2011, Jupiter re-enters Aries at noon, and for the next five months, we can use our new knowledge to our advantage, to move full steam ahead. And yes, Aries loves the color red, plenty of action and high speed, so a very clear path is necessary. Where we may have ‘fallen off the wagon’ somewhere in the last six months, we’re ready to stand on our own two feet again, to pick up where we last left off. We’ve exhausted our emotions and weaknesses, so we’re actually more equipped and able to handle it better now. In Aries, we utilize the cardinal powers to take action and make life happen. We’re building (or rebuilding) our personality, as this is all about us now, so we’re fearless when it comes to taking risks and jumping into the unknown. It’s favorable time for starting new projects, creating life changes, making physical makeovers, displaying honorable leadership, and taking control of the reins. With Jupiter, we’ll do this in a BIG way, and we’ll be enjoying the ride. We’re learning to experience life again, and travel great lengths in search of our happiness. Aries is ruled by Mars, who is also known as God of War. Jupiter is HUGE and the benefactor. ‘This is about me now, and nothing is going to stand in my way’. Do you understand and get the picture? This is awesome energy to strike gold in your life (especially for Aries) – but you need to play your cards right AND fair. Luckily, Mars is in Aquarius, where we can confront issues intellectually, and propose mature negotiations, but it needs to happen immediately or interest is lost. Opportunities are here today and gone tomorrow, so do your research and prepare to jump when the Universe snaps her fingers. ‘You snooze, you lose’.

But like everything else, astrology also has a flip-side if the energy is left unbridled and loose – so it will be important to have self-control, and to weigh-in on the wisdom you hopefully learned in recent months. Otherwise, major disagreements will develop as egos increase, with self-entitlement, impatience, fights, and control issues. We could see more aggressiveness with this fiery energy, where pushy people just come out of the woodwork, accidents from road rage or texting, massive explosions, out of control fires, volcanic eruptions, and the rise of bullies and violence. The latest shootings in Arizona is a recent example. We could also see an earlier spring with unusual warmer weather, rising prices of inflation, and a bigger demand or use of guns/artillery. We already seen that start in the recent rise of guns sales in Arizona. With the release/firing of fifty percent of the police force in New Jersey, guns will continue to grow, whether it is to protect our homes and family, or more gun attacks in the streets. During this transit, there can be an increase of swelling, rashes, cuts, abrasions, dry eyes or irritations to the head/face. Fevers, sinus, and tooth issues can also develop. As Saturn (lessons, moral responsibilities, integrity) transits Libra (personal, romantic, and professional relationships, and enemies), huge egos aren’t welcomed. And while Mars may win the fight, Saturn will eventually win the war.

Jupiter in Aries (abundance in leadership) is testosterone. BIG cahunas represent power in the ego. But know that Aries is really our hero, our knight in shining armor, the men in uniform, military, police, fireman, our super-heroes who come to save the day, and rescue us from harm. The men of law (Jupiter). Unfortunately, it may take the extremes to play out it’s course for our heros in New Jersey to get their jobs back, but also the respect and recognition that they deserve. In March, Uranus will join Jupiter in Aries, to cause chaos and upheaval for change. With Pluto continuing to transit Capricorn, major shifts progress to cause downfall for healing, in large corporations, public forces, grandparents, government, property, families, tradition, big businesses, public figures, careers, reputations, dominant parent, and fatherly figures. Bring out your absolute best in these expansive and passionate times. Bravery and self-initiation need be available as opportunities cruise in. It’s like being born under a lucky star, where we can break down old walls, overcome obstacles and limitations, and fight for our right, to see what’s behind door number two.

The serious Virgo Moon supports us in taking care of business today. It’s a good day for cleaning, organizing, disinfecting, and creating good hygiene in all areas of our lives – so be sure to file paperwork, take care of your checkbook, and find time to empty the mind with a little meditation. In the afternoon, our emotions and logic agree, which opens a new perspective with a Moon/Mercury trine. In the evening, the Moon/Venus square may have us analyzing our relations too much, rather than enjoying them. Empty thy mind. ‘The greatest discovery of any generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind. Albert Schweitzer’. Today’s tarot insight from the Five of Coins, Wheel of Fortune: A recognition of what isn’t working anymore inspires a new appreciation for what does work. Make it a great day!

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