According Wikipedia the word, Manic means: affected with, relating to, characterized by or resulting from.

It's a perfect word to describe what many men are feeling in this rapidly changing world. For our purposes today we'll use the word MAN tongue-in-cheek in Manic. The reason is, men have fallen into character traps and have taken on labels that do not serve them.

What have you been told you are? What bill of goods did you get sold? What behaviors characterize you as a man?

There seems to be two schools of thought about what it means to be "a man". On one hand...we are, strong, solid, responsible, charismatic and a leader. On the other hand, to be "a man" is akin to being an idiot, brain dead, knuckle dragging neanderthal.

You, my friend, are here to drop the labels and excuses as to how you are showing up as "A MAN" in your world. You are here to be the largest expression of who you are. Anything less is playing small.

What external sources or excuses are you using as your reasons for being anything less than Remarkable?
Which story are you running?

I'm too fat
I'm too short
I'm not rich enough
My skin is too dark
My family was poor
I'm not smart enough
I'm not good with money
I'm too shy
I'm a loser
I'm too emotional
I'm too stubborn
I'm too lazy

Of course I am only scratching the surface here, but you get the point. Stop with the labels that you gave yourself or those that were given to you from others. That is not who you are!

As a man, you must celebrate, unapologetically, what you have made of yourself. Good, bad or indifferent, you need to see the milestones you have made in your life. There are plenty!

Go on an attitude of gratitude binge today. Find some area of your life that you have mastered. Find some part of your world that you are proud of. It can be as little as keeping a clean garage or office. Walking to work instead of driving. Closing that deal, kissing that girl, teaching your child a new skill. It does not matter what it is...find the victories in your life and lock in the feeling it generates.

This is the energy you need to lock in and use as your base vibration for you to become the Remarkable Man you want to be. Yes, I get that you may be challenged where you are right now. However, you are not a victim. You are not here to wallow in self pity and/or pain. There is no room for MAN-ic in your life!

As men, we do not celebrate and appreciate the good we have created in our lives nearly enough as we should.

Your task is to dig deep into all the victories you have had in your life and especially your most recent ones. Bask in the feeling, really get into how that feels inside you. Then give thanks. Gratitude is so very powerful. Send your gratitude out to where ever you feel it needs to go at this time.

You, my friend, are in control of your life and you are to be having fun doing it. Know it!

That's just how you roll!

You are not alone on the Journey, Brother...we've got your back!

Author's Bio: 

Dwayne H. Klassen - Certified Professional Trainer
Men's Mojo And Relationship Coach, Author and Speaker
Dwayne Klassen is the bold new face for men and relationship empowerment. He is a transformational speaker, certified trainer, writer, and entrepreneur with a passion for communication, ancient wisdom, leadership, men's issues, human potential, and challenging men to step up and be Remarkable in their lives.

Dwayne's storied background of both great success and epic challenges, are timely life lessons that prove - that no matter how hard life can get, you can make a difference and win.

Dwayne is the author of his soon to be released book, "The Remarkable Man - Champions To Women,Heroes To Children & Brothers To Each Other". Dwayne has one of the most profound coaching programs for men and relatiosnhips. The Remarkable Man Coaching Program. He is "The Mojo Coach".

He also the Founder and Creator of The Remarkable Man Project - soon to be the largest and most successful men's leadership and empowerment network in the world.

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