As we made it through 2012; I saw a big collective sigh of relief as the year ended. I have many clients feeling an energetic let down after the years of build up around 2012. Some clients hoped the sky was going to open and Angels would appear to clearly guide us to our next phase of evolution. Others are experiencing fear because they haven’t noticed any major changes in their lives and then many other are afraid they aren’t doing their “Life Purpose”. While others are noticing that they are becoming much more sensitive to energy; time seems to be speeding up, dreams are becoming clearer and more vivid than before.

I was in Ireland at the end of December. I attended an event held by the metaphysician icon, Stuart Wilde. During the event, I had many beautiful visions of the energy that is continuously coming into the Earth continuously now. In one vision I saw a most Divine Being coming into the room. She had intricate energy patterns radiating from within her being. The complex arrangement of geometric patterns with light and sound filled the entire room. She then opened her arms, and her heart was glowing a brilliant white light. She opened her mouth and starting “singing”, the song looked like a rainbow, surrounding the Earth and all of her inhabitants with colored rivers of light and sound. She kept repeating “Awake Up, Awake Up…Awake Up”, and as she did I saw the Earth light up. The mountains looked like they had rainbow rivers starting to flow from deep within them. These trees looked “alive” and “dancing” with the wind. The Earth looked like “Heaven” (there was the energy of what the Masters have spoken of for eons). There was a feeling of oneness, wholeness, “Holiness”, compassion and unconditional LOVE.

This Almighty Being showed me all these images of how to live beyond duality. How to go beyond the fear, chaotic energies, and the collective shadow that is being released right now. What it looks like to “Be In this WORLD But Not of IT”. She began repeating “Just Be…..Just Be…..Just Be”.

Just Be… a literal energetic posture. It creates pathways within your energy field that brings you to the Sacred Heart. The Sacred Heart space is beyond duality, when you enter into the space, you know it without any doubt. As I entered this space I felt like I was finally home. I felt no duality, not even between male and feminine energies. There was no time just feeling completely connected to your God-Self. You see, feel our interconnection with ALL That IS. Words can’t describe this place of No Beginning/No End, it’s a feeling you embody. So we can begin to tune into the Creator/Creation frequencies.

Dec 21st, 2012 was the end of the Piscean Age and the beginning of the Aquarian Age. Throughout the last 2,000 years of the Piscean Age, we learned all about separation and duality. We lived from the EGO (Edge God Out), which keeps us connected to duality. Many people have heard of “The Veil”. “The Veil” blocks us from seeing and connecting to guides, Angels, and our True Divine Nature and keeps us from seeing “Heaven”. The Piscean Age allowed us to wake up, pierce through the veil, allowing more light and a higher frequency into our energy field. The higher vibration helps us clear and disconnects from our ego, separation and duality.

The Aquarian Age brings in the higher vibrational energies that will help us connect to our True Divine Nature, our God-Self, of En-Lightenment. As we continue to raise our vibration we can rotate out of duality, “Be in this World but not of it” are literal “directions” guiding us to align and connect to our aspect of God/Creator/and Creation energies.

The Aquarian Age or “New” Energies are available for everyone. The Divine Being’s messages remind us that there’s a divine plan, an order that has been “set-up” eons ago. This divine plan guarantees us that the “LIGHT” will “win” over the EGO. We have been through these evolutionary cycles before (ex. Atlantis/Lemuria). We have had times of enlightenment, ex. Atlantis, Lemuria, ancient times, and also cycles of the “dark age”. We are now entering the “Golden Age”, the thousand years of peace and enlightenment.

As we go within, quite the mind, open our hearts, you will be led to the Sacred Heart space, where you become the “Angel having the human experience”. We are going beyond the beliefs and concepts of the Ego. We are learning to have a DIRECT experience with ALL THAT IS. Whenever you experience that feeling of ONENESS/Whole/Holiness you are connecting to your God-Self. That’s who you really are, the divine part of ALL THAT IS.

Could it be that simple? That NOW we are free from having to live a life of learning about our True Divine Nature through EGO? The answer is Yes – I saw that anytime we start “falling” into EGO and separation it will becoming increasingly harder to be in that energy. The more we embrace and embody our God-Self, our true Divine Nature; we’ll feel lighter, opening ourselves up to more divinity. So we can Just Be…our God-Self.



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Kerrie O’Connor’s unparalleled approach to delivering information directly from your energy field is what makes her unique. Kerrie accesses the Akaskic Records, which contain all knowledge of the human experience and the history of the Cosmos.

The basis of her work is found in LightStream™ material, of which Intuitive LightStream™ Balancing is the cornerstone. Her capacity to literally read and decipher our energy field, like someone can read a book, makes her uniquely qualified to offer personal and practical guidance that will truly empower any individual or group.

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