Many dream of being their own bosses and being in control of their own financial destinies. There are several reasons for this e.g., lack of job security, advances in technology, desire to earn an unlimited income, to be available for family. So they take matters into their own hands by starting small-/home-based businesses.

Yet for many emerging solopreneurs, having the necessary training, skills and education might not be enough to keep their new businesses afloat. A common misconception among many is that doing it all themselves will save them money. The fact is, wearing all the hats in a business will only drain precious time, energy and eventually profits.

Let's use Jane, a business marketing coach, as an example. Jane is phenomenal at helping people discover their niches and target markets. She can teach them how to best serve their clients and how to formulate effective marketing plans to generate income. But operating a successful business entails more than doing what we know and like best. Jane also needs to answer her phones, reply to e=mails, balance the books, design and maintain a website, plan and conduct teleseminars, write and disseminate a monthly newsletter, conduct consultations, keep up with her social networking on Facebook and Twitter, prepare presentations - you get the picture.

The reality of Jane's situation is this = she isn't growing her business by multitasking. To truly blossom, she needs to let go and outsource non-billable tasks and subcontract overflow projects. Additionally, she is putting a lot of undue stress and anxiety on herself, which will eventually deteriorate productivity and affect her clients.

The lesson Jane is learning (the hard way) is just because she can do it all doesn't mean she should.

By delegating tasks to an experienced business support professional, like a virtual assistant (VA), Jane could then focus on tasks that bring in more clients and create profits. She could concentrate on providing added value to her customers and building lasting relationships with them without burning the proverbial candle at both ends.

By employing assistance Jane could work ON her practice versus working IN it.

Additionally, no one is an expert at everything. When we haphazardly perform tasks outside of our expertise, we don't portray the professionalism we intend, even if we try our best. Therefore, another advantage of outsourcing is using the skills and talents of those who "do" specialize in those tasks.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that professionals who provide these specialized services to others, like VAs, will do well (and be much more profitable and productive) if they take their own good advice and contract with another VA for overflow projects and outsource assignments that lie outside their expertise, like bookkeeping, web design and copy writing.

No matter what service industry you are in, whether it is coaching, consulting, bookkeeping or office support, you should consider lightening the load through outsourcing. Only then will your business truly grow into a productive and prosperous entity that will support not just you and your family, but your dreams, aspirations and professional goals as well.

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About the Author: Serena Carcasole is a certified Internet Marketing and Social Media Marketing Virtual Assistant Specialist, and the founder of Virtual Business Solutions ON DEMAND, a premier virtual assistance firm helping entrepreneurs around the world to succeed and grow their businesses. In addition to administrative services, Virtual Business Solutions ON DEMAND provides a host of specialized technical and marketing outsourcing options to meet business owners' unique needs. Some of the most popular services include Internet marketing, social media marketing, blogging, and article marketing; website and graphic design; search engine optimization support; event marketing and other. As a full-service outsourcing provider, VBSOnDemand provides full project management support for even the most complicated projects. VBSOnDemand donates 1% of sales to the Canadian Cancer Society. For more information: Website: