It’s a normal follow-up according to which to get the final post we create various versions of each article. This time we hold the articles that were great and also a few that didn’t reveal the same success.

Apart from drafting there exist various aspects that aid in making a blog post good. Let’s start with a few as below:

Strike with a Catchy Headline

One of all reasons that make the person read the blogs is headlines. Potential readers and readers will surf your post constantly with the hope to find some required information. Obviously, for the same reason, you are here with us. Even if your content is crafted amazingly, a not so good headline will never get the audience.

If you are into selling the product and services through your blog post, it would be better to first talk about the need of the people for that particular product and end up with stating the reason for offering cheaper services. This will assure the enhancement of the audience and attract more readers to your post.

On the contrary, the things that come up with a great headline are as follows:

Type of the Post
Target audience

If you already know the chief reply to all these, then you will hold the caliber to craft a captivating headline for your blog post.

Don’t forget, the first aspect is the headline that the readers see and can also be the last if the users don’t find it attention-grabbing. So, keep things clear.

Go for An Incursive Paragraph

This is compulsory and the posts that hold the worth have it. And, this is because you don’t get trapped with boring ambience just after the headline. A paragraph stating the highlight of the post will magnetize the respect of your readers. And please, at least don’t waste their time, just include it so that they may decide within seconds whether it’s a match or not.

There are various ways out to make this paragraph, that depends on the three T, “ Topic, Target, Type”. The paragraph not only embraces the summarized form of the post but also makes them move further to read it.

So, it’s better not to hook the readers from the starting paragraph, you are going to pay by losing them forever.

Mostly, people employ the following as an opening paragraph:

A Bold
A Quote
A Disturbing Statement
A Question

So, which one you will pick, it depends on you entirely and also on your post. But, remember to use this opening paragraph as there are high probabilities that people will not continue reading your post.

Clutch Your Outlook

While moving ahead in your blog post, just don’t forget to attract supportive arguments while asserting something.
The supportive arguments can be generally as:

Facts: This is an exceptional option as far as the facts stay facts.
References: To the other posts, books, opinions, and trustworthy materials showcasing your statement are backed and support the same concept.
Rational Explanation of Opinion: It can be seen as different from the reader’s opinion.

That’s why one should acknowledge what your words say and offer the second thoughts to your statements, and the mode of how these are expressed so that nobody takes it otherwise.

A nice way to attract the attention and simplify the reading job of the readers is to employ the listing or bullets by numbers. In such a way you link easily with the readers and make the details easier to be fetched.

Most importantly, remember that the drafting and proofreading, as the former one will aid you in preventing the unpleasant situations and the second one will attract your thoughts together. Besides, the other style and structure are determined by your vocabulary, personality and the way you think and the people you talk.

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The author is a content writer in a leading digital marketing company in Jaipur, India. He writes about search engine optimization, content marketing, quality assurance, software testing and other related technologies.