The scientific term for pH levels is Potential for Hydrogen, and it is a standard measure of the alkalinity and acidity of a solution. In plant growth, the pH levels of the soil can have a massive impact on the overall yield.

It is measured on a scale of 1-14, and ‘7’ happens to be the neutral level (Pure water consists of a balance of hydrogen H+ along with Hydroxyl OH- ions- which makes pH 7 neutral).

The Precise pH Levels To Be Maintained:

When growing flowering plants, the pH level should be somewhere between 5.8-6.5. However, if one grows it in composite soil, then it could create a sort of a buffer, hence allowing fewer pH issues to take form.

In hydroponic grow boxes, the pH levels should be something between 5.2 to 6.3. But this could only be treated as a suggested range rather than a persistent range, mainly because some nutrients become available to the plant at a slightly different pH levels.

Example- calcium absorbs a pH level of 5.2, against iron that gets absorbed at a pH level between 5.0 to 7.25.

This is a very dicey situation, and if the pH levels drift outside these ranges, some nutrients and trace elements get locked away and become no longer available to the plant.

Adopting Grow Cabinets As A Means To Grow Crops Inside:

Quality grow boxes follow the hydroponic way of growing new plants. It doesn’t use soil, only a deep water culture to produce more yield. The roots of the plants sit quietly within the water reservoir providing ample nutrient to the plant and its adequate pH levels.

The impressive thing about a grow cabinet is it consists of an automatic pH level controlling feature. It also consists of sensors that monitor the pH levels.

Moreover, if the system’s pH level starts dipping from the point of optimal growing conditions, these cabinets recognise this and automatically increases the dose to regulate the deep water culture tank and bring the levels back to where it needs to be.

What’s More!

Much like the pH feature in the cabinet, such units also consist of EC sensors which keeps checking the water nutrients levels. The programming is done to identify how much strain each requires and when to provide it. This means that your plant will never be left feeling hungry.

There are numerous suppliers of quality hydroponic grow box units at cost-effective rates to meet the needs of indoor growers. It is the best way to keep an active eye on the pH levels without putting too much of an effort. Just adjust, the settings and that’s about it.

Other Perks Of Using Such Grow Boxes Are:

  • Low energy costs.
  • Sleek designs which can fit into any indoor set-up.
  • It is odour proof owing to its airtight seal.

So, without further delay, bring home a unique grow box for indoor gardening operations. It will provide growing conveniences which one cannot even fathom- especially for a first-time buyer!

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The author is a supplier of quality hydroponic grow box units, and has been doing this for numerous years. The author also loves writing and with blogs and articles educates the readers about different types of grow cabinet models in the market!