The question of miracles and the so-called miracle-worker (or healer), first and foremost, tends to be viewed in a backwards way. Due to the law of free will, the only person you can truly heal is yourself. One of the greatest secrets is that the healer heals him- or herself through the person receiving the healing and vice versa. It depends on what each individual is currently open to and, as Father Joshua (a Catholic Priest and well-known psychic surgeon) says, sometimes your mind may appear to want one thing and your soul is crying out for another. It’s the latter that counts. Resistance is the only thing that blocks healing.

Father Joshua is also well-known for repeatedly saying “Just show up”. I don’t believe that he just means this in the physical aspect, either. I think that he mainly means to stay very present (especially be conscious that you are not doing this for ego-or fear-based reasons) simply do your best at what you’re being asked to do and the rest will take care of itself. He also emphasizes not taking credit for yourself because when you do any type of healing work, you are simply acting as an outlet to the Divine and as a result, the Divine acts through you.

If the other person blames you, don’t take it personally. That right, there, is a sign that they are closing themselves off to the potentials and the fact that they are not willing to take responsibility for their own healing. Doubt also stems from fear and is a hindrance to a potential blooming of a possibility bringing great things and growth. Judgment is also nothing more than an attempt at controlling that which is not ours to control. As Father Joshua states, you do not need approval from anyone but God.

Some bad reasons to attempt a healing:

-Attempting to prove something to yourself or others. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone.
-The false belief that healing automatically makes you a savior.
-Attempting to achieve a natural state of euphoria.
-Attempting to make negative thoughts or feelings disappear rather than trying to face and learn from them.
-Attempting to make current issues or problems disappear rather than trying to face them, learn from them and coming up with the needed solution.

Okay, so what do all of the above reasons have in common? You’re probably going to be taken aback.

Too much effort. All that healing requires is a mind attuned to the intentions of the one receiving the healing, the Divine and as a result, the temporary setting aside of the ego (or individual personality). As Father Joshua says, you don’t have to be this pure, holy person to be able to give a healing. You simply have to have spirit-filled intentions and not allow your ego to interfere.

Trying to explain the effects of healing is like trying to explain this great mystery of life of which we are all a part of. And the more effort we try to put into this, the more we will lose our minds and end up missing out on life. True joy is found in acknowledging that we are part of that mystery. A mystery by definition means an unknown quantity and we are a part of that unknown quantity. Once we acknowledge this without trying to put in useless effort for the nonexistent one “magic“ answer that explains all of life, we will have taken the first step to getting close to being back to our original state. All we need to do is sit back and simply accept and enjoy life and do our part in it.

Healing is all about doing our part in the world because it means picking up the responsibility that is rightfully ours; no more, no less. The Divine is always willing to do Its part but has to wait until we show up to do ours. And until we do, there’s nothing that It can do for us with the exception of intervention in case of mortal danger before our time. There is never any need to stress ourselves out over that which we can’t possibly understand in our current lifetimes.

Author's Bio: 

Lacy S. Pierce is currently working (on an on-call basis) for a market research company. She is also currently volunteering for the following: a school mentoring program, a bookstore and a homeless organization. Unity Church and metaphysics are also a very major part of her life and have helped her to improve it tremendously over the past few years.