During COVID-19, nearly 7 million people have contracted the disease and roughly 200,000 people have lost their lives. The grief that is associated with this loss can be devastating and has been compounded because the pandemic has made it more difficult to mourn the loss of loved ones in a traditional manner. Grieving coach and author JustTroia uses the term "Good Grief" to help individuals understand that learning to grieve will help them to live through the loss. Troia Butcher's journey began after several significant deaths left her emotionally+spiritually broken and she had to find a way to get back to God, so she wrote her way back with the book SoulTies: Letters of Love: Finding Ways to Live Through Loss. During her grieving process, Troia realized the church was not addressing her grief properly, and feeling alone propelled her forward. Her unique approach to translating the Word of God and Christian Life Coaching provides results for anyone that feels stuck in life or those who are a slave to destructive behavior(s). Troia launched an online virtual grief support program on FB, as well as Soul School: Bible Made Easy FB live. She offers Grief Support Sessions, and a Bible 101 Workshop.

Troia says, “You are not Humpty Dumpty. You don't have to be put back together again. The story is it is ok to not be ok. Grief is a process. So often, we tell or expect people to get over a loss and move on, but we rarely tell them how to move forward. Sit in the space of the pain of the loss and truly grieve the moment. We must give people the permission to not be the same person they were before their loss. During this pandemic, we have all lost something and when it is over, there will be a 'new normal', and it will not look the same as it did prior to March 2020.

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Troia is the daughter of Pastor Louis and 1st Lady Katie Butcher with a BS in Forensic Security and a Masters in Project Management. She is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Ministry(DMin) and is an ordained minister. As an 8 year Veteran of the U.S. Army, Just Troia brings a no nonsense approach to biblical teaching. As A Transformational Speaker, Author, and Christian Coach, Just Troia brings the brokenhearted to the Word of God by providing practical ways to apply the Word in their daily lives, so they will become whole again and fulfill their destiny.