Yin and Yang

To understand the ancient books of Oriental philosophy such as Taoism and the Tao Te Ching one has to understand Yin and Yang.

Yin and Yang is the continuous rhythm of life that continually pulsates through the universe, in the seemingly separate but in truth one complementary actions called Yin and Yang.

The T'ai-chi T'u diagram illustrates this principle. The symmetrical disposition of the dark Yin and the light Yang suggests cyclical changes.

When Yin reaches its climax, it recedes into Yang, then after Yang reaches its climax it recedes back to Yin. This is the eternal cycle. The dots inside the white and black halves indicate that within each is the seed of the other. Yin cannot exist without Yang, and Yang cannot exist without the Yang.

The perfect state of things in the physical universe, under heaven in the world of humans, and the 10,000 things is a state of harmony represented by the balance of Yin and Yang.

Yin is the female intuitive

The life force that is associated with earth.

The earth is the source of life; it provides us with what we need to survive. Yin is associated with the following ideas and things:

Night, Dark,-Rain, Water, Cold, winter, Autumn, Odd Numbers, the Tiger
Kidneys, Heart, Liver, Lungs, the Moon, North, West, Right, Intuition, Passive, Static
Contraction, Conservative, Traditional, Valley, River, Curve, Soft, Solidifying and the
Psychological (Astral) World.

Yang is the male creative.

The giving force that is associated with heaven. The heaven above us is always in motion and brings about change. Yang is associated with the following ideas and things:

Day, Light, Sunshine, Fire, Heat, Summer, Spring, Even Numbers, The Sun
South, East, Left, Up, Mind intellect, Active, Dynamic, Expansion, Increasing
Innovative, Reformative, Mountain, Desert, Straight Line, Hard, Dissolving
Physical, Dragon, Bladder, Intestines, Skin

To understand Yin and Yang is to understand the harmony of nature and life.

To understand life is to live in harmony and peace.

In peace...The Tao Warrior

Author's Bio: 

Steve Monahan; pen name The Tao Warrior www.thetaowarrior.com is a writer, life coach, public speaker, and nascent master of the ancient book of wisdom the Tao Te Ching.