Do you want to start working with a laser? Get started with the steadily upgrades K40 laser cutter, and upgrade as you go!

There are dozens of places where you can get a K40 laser cutter. Which K40 Upgrades you should buy? We find it best if you buy a reputable place that accepts returns in case something goes wrong. Although one can find K40 from

What is K40?

Laser cutters do just as the name suggests - they use concentrated light to cut the material into 2D. Most laser cutters are relatively expensive and easily cost thousands. Over the years, however, prices have fallen somewhat. And now we finally have the K40.

The K40 is an affordable laser cutter that costs about $ 300 to $ 400. There is no single manufacturer or official design specification for these machines, but they all work the same. They are usually within the 30-watt range, but are often upgraded to 40 watts - hence the name "K40".

Fun fact: One of the uses of these machines is to engrave what are called Japanese Hanko stamps, which are popular for signature purposes in Japan, similar to how royalty has specific wax stamps for sealing letters but much more widely used. (You can also create your stamps using K40.)

These desktop machines can be modified to cut anything from wood to acrylic, and they are a great introduction to the laser cutting world (assuming you're ready to itch).

If you like to think, the K40 is for you. Although they come with the bare bones required to operate, they should not be considered plug-and-play machines as you will need to perform a reasonable assembly with this cutting machine.

And as with any cheap machine, you may also need to do some initial tune-ups. Replacement parts and upgrades are the norms to make your K40 a higher quality machine.

Each part plays an important role and most can be easily upgraded. Some models will also include an emergency switch button and air assist.

If you continue to work with these machines, you should know that they have high voltage and powerful lasers. Remember safety and always take the appropriate precautions when using these machines.


For higher quality work, some upgrades can be made:

Focus lens: One of the easiest is to upgrade the focus lens to make deeper or more accurate cuts.

Gas Assistant: Another simple upgrade is to add a gas assistant; all it takes is a small air compressor and a gas assistant nozzle (if one is not already included in the machine).

Water cooler: Get a water cooler for an easy (but more expensive) upgrade. Using a water cooler as a refrigerant system helps extend the life of the laser tube. This is not always recommended because it may cost more than the machine itself. With a budget machine like this, it is best to stick with ice water.

Control Panel: A difficult but helpful upgrade is to turn off the control panel to make it easier to use the machine in general.

Pipes: The most dangerous, difficult, and expensive upgrade is to switch the power supply and CO2 laser tube from a 30-watt tube (max rating 40 watts) to a real 40-watt tube (max rating 50 watts) so the machine can reach its full potential.

All in all, if you want a small machine for light craftsmanship, the K40 is for you. If you want to learn every aspect of how a laser cutter works, feel free to get a K40 to experiment and work on! But remember, as we said earlier, take all the necessary precautions!

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With a bit of love, turn your cheap K40 laser into a precision cutting machine.