Workafella, one of the leading co-working space providers hosted Mr. Siddharth Hande, Founder & CEO, Kabadiwalla Connect and Mr. Ganesh Kumar Subramanian, Co-Founder & Technology Lead, Kabadiwalla Connect for a session on ‘Past, Present and Future of Waste Management’. Mr. Siddharth addressed the Workafella community on the statistics of the waste produced and recycled in Chennai aiming to educate on the importance of organizing the city’s informal waste management sector.

An Ellen MacArthur foundation and Nat Geo Award winner for Waste Management and Collection, Kabadiwalla Connect, is a waste management company that offers marketable scalable solutions for waste management. Using technology, Kabadiwalla connects the informal waste ecosystem with households and a host of other waste generators in the city to divert waste away from the landfills.

Workafella, a responsible corporate understands the dire need to create awareness on waste management amongst its community members. Workafella’s community sharing platform ‘Namaste Workafella’ is a constant effort from the company to motivate its community and celebrate distinguished works that have made some differences to the society. The platform brings in experts, activists, environmentalists, influencers from various walks of life to inspire and educate through their insights and stories.

Mr. Siddharth, Founder & CEO, Kabadiwalla Connect, during his session said, “Chennai produces roughly 4500 metric tons of waste per day of which 2000 metric tons is wet waste. Currently, there are about 200 composting and biogas centers across the city. The residential segment alone contributes about 68 % of waste sent to our landfills while the commercial segment contributes approximately 16 %. Halls, Schools, Institutions contribute about 14 % and the Industrial sector about 2 %. We have allocated a lot of our efforts on user research and product market testing to connect the informal sector directly to households, apartments and other stake holders in an attempt to smoothen the process of waste management. I am glad to report that as of today Kabadiwalla Connect has so far diverted approximately 50 million tons of waste but we also understand that there is a lot more work ahead and the starting point for which is educating the public.”

Speaking on Namaste Workafella and the session, Mr. Vinod Babu, Co-founder & CEO, Workafella, said, “Namaste Workafella was started with the aim of creating awareness on the day to day issues in our surroundings that we forget to address due to our own commitments. We are glad that we have successfully reached the 4th edition and hosted Kabadiwalla Connect today. It is imperative that we help support and highlight such issues so that the socially aware amongst us have more options to tackle issues such as waste management and educate those who are unaware on the urgent need to do so in order to protect our environment. We look forward to highlighting more such pressing issues in the future to educate our community members who can learn and in turn educate those close to them.”

The Namaste Workafella platform was curated to share, create and evolve, to constantly remind Workafella’s community about their social responsibilities, be it the pollution of air, water, noise, global warming, ineffective garbage disposal, deforestation, fresh water conservation, depletion of natural resources, etc., and bring in experienced members of the society to help tackle these issues. The platform salutes these influential members and everyday warriors and welcomes them to our community. We at Workafella want to drive our community to react to these issues and march towards a better tomorrow.

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