Kailash Shahani, Founder and CEO of Morpheus Human Consulting Pvt. Ltd. shares some tips on career mistakes that you will regret. They are as follows:

1. Not networking at company events
According to Kailash Shahani, it is essential especially in large organizations to take actively part in company events as it builds a strong relation between the employers and employees. It is not possible to be acquainted with everyone in big companies which is the result that these events are organized by the employers. At the time of promotion employers tend not to choose the person of whom they’re only vaguely aware.

2. Make decisions based on money
Kailash says, “Money doesn’t count success, job satisfaction does”. It is advisable to choose the career as per your passion, skills rather than depending on the money. Most of the time is spent at your workplace so make sure you enjoy it. Enjoying the workplace without passion is not possible. So “Chase your passion, Chase your dreams.”

3. Missing opportunities to help others
 Remember you work for the organization, so don’t just think about yourself. Instead you should think in a way if company will grow and reason behind that growth is you then may be sooner or later you are bound to get the reward for that. Getting a reward from the peers and colleagues can be helpful for wining a long game in your career.

4. Not speaking up in project meetings
Project meetings are kept so that the project managers take the valuable input from every employee. Being silent at that point can put a negative thought about you in employers mind. Also you might be under appreciated by everyone in that meeting which can affect your reward points as well as promotion.

5. Avoid making mistakes
Escaping from mistakes can lead you nowhere. As said “Every person learns from mistakes” so if you are willing not to do any mistakes you are even learning anything. But making the same mistake again and again can risk your career. So make mistake but make sure it is different every time.

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