We all are aware about the consequences of poor hand hygiene practice that have contributed to many outbreaks for communicable diseases such as the recent outbreak in 2019 i.e., Coronavirus (COVID-19), a contagious respiratory disease that has been spreading due to unhygienic conditions. COVID-19 that was first detected in China is declared as a pandemic disease by the World Health Organization (WHO). Hand washing is determined as a key element to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Hand sanitation is the act of cleaning hands with the help of hand sanitizers to ensure proper hand hygiene. Hands are the pathways of transmission and spread of pathogens that cause diseases such as food borne and other infections. Hand sanitizer is an effective and convenient way to clean dirty and contaminated hands without using soap and water. With the increase in the positive cases, people are trying all sorts of protective and precautionary measures to fight with this deadly disease.
Hand sanitizers is a solution to hand wash. The necessity of hand sanitizers has gained popularity worldwide during this crisis. Kairali Hand sanitizers have appeared to be a great option for maintaining hand hygiene and ensures to reduce the transmission of infectious or viral agents. It is an herbal and alcohol-based sanitizer that effectively kills 99.9% of germs or bacteria from the hands in a matter of seconds. It gets dry in seconds by giving a sweet scent and a long-lasting fragrance upon its repetitive use. It fights against bacterial action due to its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. They contain alcohol that acts to destroy microorganisms from the hands. Kairali Alcohol based hand sanitizer has an active ingredient in their preparation like isopropanol or ethanol. The use of Alcohol-based hand sanitizers may reduce the number of microorganisms from the hands and prevent the spread of infections in the society. But the efficiency of hand sanitizers depends on its active ingredient that should be present in appropriate concentration. Non - alcohol based hand sanitizers are found to be less effective in killing bacteria or germs. Every sanitizer is not found effective in killing the germs or bacteria. As per the healthcare latest reports, the hand sanitizer which has more than 70% content of alcohol is ideal to kill the bacteria or germs. It is always recommended to wash your hands with soap and water but it’s not always convenient to carry them with you everywhere. It is recommended by WHO to clean your hands by rubbing them with an alcohol-based formulation as the preferred means for hygienic hands. It is faster, more effective, and a better solution for your hands than washing with soap and water. These hand sanitizers are also available in bulk packaging options like 5000ml, 50 ltrs and 250 litres to supply to the institutions, offices, schools and fitness centers. These bulk canisters help buyers to maximize their savings and cut down on wastage. The bulk pack is used to refill the hand sanitizer dispenser.
Kairali produces sanitizers in a liquid form so they can be easily used to refill the hand sanitizer dispensers. It is important to put liquid dispensers in prominent places around the workplace. Make sure these dispensers are regularly filled. Kairali Hand sanitizer is also effective on surfaces by destroying germs and bacteria present on it. It can also be sprayed on every corner of the work places and institutions, seats, desks, chairs, tables can also be sanitized using a dispenser. It is also important where you have the hand sanitizing dispensers installed. This instant hand sanitizer effectively suppresses or inactivates the growth of bacteria and viruses. It keeps your hand supple and germ-free. It is a good hygiene practice that ensures the protection from bacteria or germs and the proper maintenance of hygiene and sanitation.

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