Pain as a symptom has now become a part of the normal life. The most of the social dwellers that are experiencing it generally do not know all the time as what is the actual cause of this pain in some part of their body. This situation is much different as compared to the yester decades when the pain was the result of mostly injuries that occurred occasionally and for which cures were available easily. The pains of diversity that we experience now are difficult to manage because we do not know the reason! Therefore we now find a super specialty discipline of pain management in the modern medicine system.

Ayurveda offered the best of therapies and formulations for the effective management of pains of different types and in different parts of the body. The mode of action of Ayurvedic formulations for pain relief is also very much different! Kairali is a group dedicated to the authentic practice of Ayurveda and has developed some noted Ayurvedic medicines for diverse ailments and conditions including pain. Its pain balm SPARUB has emerged as best pain relief gel.

Pain could be due to different reasons!

Pain is a symptom that manifests as result of conditions that can be really diverse in their origin and basis. As stated above, the modern pain cases are the result of not only injuries of physical types but more complex reasons have been found to generate this symptom. The sufferers could be people who live hectic life throughout the day and feel the pain in their joints or those who lead a sedentary life and feel pain any time of the day. In addition to these cases, pain could be also a symptom of an autoimmune disorder like rheumatoid arthritis!

However, in all such cases, one thing is common and that is the physical state of the underlying tissue that sends pain sensation in the brain. The tissue gets swelled up and this generally leads to changes in the blood supplies to the inflamed region; the nerves also get affected! Ayurveda has attempted pain conditions in a fundamental way through its pain relief balm so as to secure relief in a swift manner and without any side effects.

Pain relief through trusted Ayurveda

Ayurveda offers both the external topical formulations as also the internal medicine against the pain conditions of different types. Kairali offers SPARUB which has been developed as a pain-relieving balm with the objective of soothing the muscle tissues deep beneath the skin. Kairali specializes in herbal balms and liniments that are made with the best herbs and compounds of nature.

Pain relief gel SPARUB increases blood flow to repair the damaged tissue

SPARUB has been developed as a special pain relief herbs that works very generically to relieve the pain. The mechanism of action of SPARUB involves the fundamental processes like the blood circulation and nervous network in the muscles. As per Ayurvedic knowledge, pain develops when the underlying tissue get inflamed due to one or the other reason and results in constriction of the blood vessels and nerves. The reason could be the development of physical stress in the region (like muscle or joint) or injury or the accumulation of toxins (either due to the intake of improper foods or medicines or contaminated water).

SPARUB reduces tissue inflammation and removes toxins

SPARUB is an ointment for muscle pain & has been developed with authentic Ayurvedic ingredients of nature that work to soothe the tissue by relaxing the blood supply in the region. The increased blood supply does the twin tasks, both of which are significant for the purpose of pain relief. The first task served through increased blood supply is that more nutrients are delivered to the tissue which helps in repairing it (like in the case of damage). The increased blood supply also delivers more heat to the region that helps reduce inflammation. The second task delivered through greater blood supply is that of the removal of toxins from the inflamed tissue. With the toxins getting removed, the inflammation and hence the pain is also reduced.

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