Consultants act as guides on lean tours because they have years of hands on experience. A consultant will help bridge the gap between a foreign concept and culture. They put plans into motion quickly so clients at all organizational levels can be helped.

They teach with learn by doing workshops but are flexible enough that any business can be helped. A consultant, due to their experience, acts as a bridge between their client group and a foreign company. This makes kaizen consulting an invaluable part of the experience. A consultant will typically have these responsibilities:

• Improvement of the supply chain
• How to apply lean to your manufacturing process
• Tell where and what needs to be reduced so you can cut costs
• The best methods to improve your revenue and more

Public kaizen training packages teach how to create sustainable growth. Participants learn how to affect positive change on a small or large scale; teams for each new project and the company as a whole. Courses are available for specific job roles. They are open to employees at all levels of business. What you can expect to learn from one of these courses:

• How to deliver better customer service
• How to improve the efficiency of teams
• How to quickly identify wastes and reduce or, get rid of them entirely. Therefore increasing the quality of products
• How to make use of machinery more efficient
• How to use the lean method of organizing to increase the safety of work floor employees
• How to reduce your inventory by producing due to demands not quotas.

There are various books online that are meant to supplement what business owners have learned in workshops. These videos, posters, workbooks and more also allow owners to teach new concepts to their employees.

Before starting you should ask yourself any of these questions: are there misconceptions about that already exist in your industry, have you internalized any of those myths, have you changed your mind, do you have any personal experience with the philosophy? And since this model encourages more open communication these are questions you should present to employees. This gets everyone on the same page and will help you decide which courses are absolutely necessary.

Though they give invaluable hands on experience to all participants, full tours are expensive. By knowing exactly where your employees stand, you'll know whether you can skip straight to supplies (like 5s Red tags, Shadow Board Tool Sheets, a 30 Day Action Sheet, etc.). Or workshop training packages (games, videos, and books are all supplements to this style of teaching) for business owners who have already been on a tour to Japan.

The best way to introduce this new method is not to alienate workers by implying a system meant to improve their work means previous work was poor. If you're a business owner serious about improving your business all measures must be taken for your success.

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