kala sarpa dosha – Meaning if all the planets are in between Rahu and Ketu
kala sarpa dosha remedies and there are many remedies to nullify.
remedies for kala sarpa dosha
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kala sarpa dosha effects 1) Fear and insecurity
2) Mental unrest
3) Financial hurdles
4) Problems in progeny
5) Chronic ailments
6) Sudden fall in wealth and reputation
7) There is a mismatch in opportunities and your age
8) Always feeling dependant
9) Hardly meeting the expectations
10) Your children do not respect you
11) You have problems in your relationships
12) Discontented in most areas of life
13) Your career is unstable
14) You are unable to cope in society
15) Fear of heights- Acrophobia
16) Fear of being touched – Haphephobia

It causes deterioration of health and reduces longevity.
It causes imprisonment or serious accident.
It causes separation, divorce and marital discord.
It causes poverty and destruction of wealth.
It causes destruction of business and loss of job.
It causes destruction of kingdoms and rulers.
It causes downfall of most powerful persons in politics.

kala sarpa dosha after 33 years At this age, an important reversal of energy occurs. For example, if up to the age of 33, you have suffered then after this age, success will start to come often unexpectedly and in major ways. The converse is also true. If in your younger years you had noteworthy success, you may become introduced to difficulties and blockages, halting your successful progress after the age of 33.

kala sarpa dosha puja kala sarpa dosha nivarana pooja

Naaga Prathista:- Naaga prathista is the most effective way to get rid of this dosham.The person afflicted by this dosham should perform Naaga Prathista.The ritual includes installing the idol(sila vigraham) of two snakes (as depicted) at Raameswaram temple.The person should spend 3 days to perform all the rituals(not in a hurry way) with concentration after installing the idol the person should perform abhishekam to ramalingeswara swami at rameswaram temple with holy water brought from river ganga and in return travel the person should visit "Nagar Koil" temple and should perform rituals according to the temple doctrine.Then the procedure is said to be completed,and by performing this ritual the person not only gets rid of KaalaSarpa Dosham but also gets good results.He who performs this ritual will also free his Descendants from this Dosham,so it is said as the most effective way.

Sarpa Sooktam and Homam:- Chanting sarpa sooktam for 1008 times and performing homam with with maaredu(Bael tree)wood,fruits and leaves with Ksheerannam(milk pudding)

Rudradyaaya Homam:- Performing this homam by offering cow milk tarpanam 10,000 times to shiva lingam,chanting radradyaayam and performing ritual with maaredu(Bael tree)wood,fruits and leaves with Ksheerannam(milk pudding) along with 57 silver maredu leaves,one gold maredu leaf.Th person who performs this ritual will be blessed with a great son and with good results.

Aghora Paasupatha Homam:- This is a very rare ritual which is not be able to be done by all The person should undergo Mantropaasana.

Maha Paasupatha Homam:- Before performing this ritual the person has to complete Sarpasooktha sahitha Mahanyaasapoorvaka Rudraabhishekam and after the completion one should resolve to perform this ritual with 1116 shiva lingas placed in an order(lingatho badhra mandali).By performing this homam, one will get rid of the KaalaSarpa Dosham and also other many bad effects like obstacles in career,court issues,Disputes between couples,getting married,getting children and for preventing disrepute marriages.

Naagabharanam:- Many people cannot perform the above rituals because of circumstantial problems,for many like them this is the
most effective way to get rid of the dosham
. The procedure includes of offering naagaabharanam (as depicted) made of gold(or) sliver (or)cooper to shiva lingam in any shiva temple and in a shuba muhurtham.Firstly the person has to perform pooja to ganesha and Sarpasooktha sahitha Mahanyaasapoorvaka Rudraabhishekam with cow milk to shiva linga and offer flowers and fruits to shiva linga and the person has to be fasting on that day.

Rituals To Putta:- The person has to do this rituals for 40 days in a very very careful manner by following strong principles.Every day for 40 days the person has to offer cow milk to putta(pour) after offering pasupu and kumkuma(turmeric and saffron powder),with flowers and with doopam(sambrani).The person should not sleep on bed and only eat one time in a day for these 40 days.

Veerabhadropasana:- This should be performed with good determination and with extreme care with strong discipline,there should be no errors in performing as the person will suffer from strong bad effects if any error occurs,so we cannot be error free at home so we should perform this ritual at Veerabhadra temple only(for procedure contact pandit)

Rahu-Ketu Parihaara Pooja at Sri Kaalahasthi:- This parihaara pooja is one of the prominent ritual now a days.Sri kaalahasthi is a very famous sacred place where one of the Phancha Bhootha lingas is here.The Vaayu lingam is here and the Kaalahastheeswara swamy is the swaoopam of Rahu and Ketu Graha ,so this place is very effective to perform the ritual according to our puraanas. This place gained much importance and available to all people and the ritual is also simple so the number of people visiting this place from around the country is very high and increasing. This ritual is available to common people also.

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