The ongoing pandemic has shifted our focus from a hectic schedule and busy lifestyle back to health and fitness. Healthy eating habits are on people’s checklist list again now that improving immunity is the major prevention, we all can take during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In an interview with Insights Success a business journal, Mr. Tribhuvanlal Kalya, Proprietor shares his motivation behind establishing Kalya and how the company is delivering the goodness of local fruits across countries.

Kindly brief us about Kalya Exports and its key operations.

Kalya Exports, established in 1993, it is one of the early Indian company in the industry of fresh fruits and vegetable exports. Kalya Exports is a star export house and recognized export company by the government of India. We export fresh Indian fruits and vegetables to 20 countries across the world.

What are the USPs of the company that serves as an advantage over competitors and benefit clients/customers?

Kalya Exports owns two state-of-the-art cold stores and packing houses in Nashik, which is also known as the grape capital of India. We are associated with more than 700 farmers whom we continuously guide from day 1 of plantation till harvesting. The company-owned packhouse allows us to fully control the quality and packing of the produce.

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