With a vision to become the most trusted and preferred solution/material provider for its customers in the plastics and textile sector, there is a company that strives to achieve excellence by creating the most innovative and cost-effective masterbatches. This company is none other than Kandui Industries Private Limited. Under the leadership of Ashwin Agarwal, Managing Director of the company, its team believes in expanding values and undertaking global challenges to provide future-ready solutions to the industry.
Let’s see what he has to say about the dynamics of Kandui Industries in the given below excerpts of his interview with Insights Success a Best Business Magazine

Kindly brief us about your company, its history, and journey since inception.

I joined the family business of manufacturing woven sacks in 2004. Very soon, I realized that with a good part of the family already actively involved, it would be best for me to be on my own. This sowed the seed for the birth of Kandui. Being a Chemical Engineer by profession, I was intrigued by masterbatches and was kind of familiar with it as well since it was used by the woven sacks sector. Eager to learn more,

What challenges has your team faced in the earlier days of the company? What struggles is the team going through now?

For me, challenges are learnings. We did learn in our earlier days, we do so today, and we will continue the same in future as well. In our early days, being unknown, we did face severe resistance from the marketplace coupled with an unprecedented aggression from competition.

The global coronavirus outbreak has tested people, industries, governments, and supply chains all over the world. How exactly did the pandemic affect your company’s operations and finances?

As the markets opened gradually, we gained significantly as all the trust and relationships built over the years came to the fore and we did exceedingly well in the plastics business during the last 6 months of the fiscal year and, infact, clocked an overall growth of 8% in revenue over the previous fiscal year; inspite of a poor first quarter and a subdued textile related business.

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