Kano: Seeing with the Eye of the Heart

Kano is the rune of fire, illumination, the inner light, passion, intelligence, and inner knowing, among other qualities. Recently I received this rune when I needed an insight into a special project. I wasn't sure I wanted to get involved. As soon as I picked the rune, I realized it was the perfect starting point to examine the matter.

I'd been trying to make the decision based on facts alone. While facts are invaluable and reason is a great ally, we cannot get all the information we need from facts and reason alone. We have to turn our attention to our feelings, too. Not merely our emotions, as emotions alone can mislead up, but our feelings. Here, I am making a distinction between emotions and feelings. For the purpose of clear communication, let's say that emotions are reactions while feelings come from the knowing part of ourselves. Emotions can spring from groundless fears, old hurts, immaturity, past misinformation, and unexamined negative beliefs from conditioning.

As I turned my inner vision on the feelings of "off balance," "not quite right," and "flatness," as if I were losing energy (going flat like a punctured tire), I made the discovery I was looking for. My motivation was not to get involved in the project because I was attracted to it, but rather to please this other person I held in high esteem. Ah, ha!

Later, I dreamed that I was involved in this project and I was doing all sorts of things that were taking my energy but didn't leave me fulfilled. Instead, I felt scattered and purposeless. It had sounded like a good deal, but as I sensed the energy at deeper and deeper levels, I could see I would be wise to turn it down.

Thank you, Kano!

Kano is the rune of illuminating whatever we focus upon with the light of our soul and intelligence. When we are clear, we can see clearly. When our vision is clouded with memories, grudges, regret, unfulfilled desires, assumptions, shame, and longing, it is more difficult for us to see what is in front of us.

Kano comes to mind when I practice remote viewing or want to play with my third eye. It keeps me from squinting. Imagining Kano in the third eye enhances objectivity. Imagining Kano in the heart clarifies our subtle sensing of energy. Seeing with the Eye of the Heart also enhances compassion.

Not only is Kano the rune of perception, both inner and outer, it is also the rune of creativity and being inventive, doing research and pursuing special interests. It's the rune of philosophy, science, and art. A very handy rune to pull out of one's invisible pocket and provide a focus for seeing.

Author's Bio: 

Linda Reneau has been using the Norse runes since 1983 for meditation and contemplation. She promotes the use of the runes for spiritual growth and intuitive recovery and development. She has a paperback, ebook, and Adobe versions of Contemplation with the Runes at www.runesoflove.com