Blessed with implausible natural splendors, Kashmir is the most affectionate destination in north India. It is marvelously packed by scintillating Himalayas Mountains, blossoming green sightseeing, cascading waterfalls, rhythmic lakes, rolling valleys and lovely grazing lands. All of these together make Kashmir one of the most beguiling destinations to visit. For a cherished holiday, visitors must explore its stunning attractions & sightseeing and each has distinctive features to offer. Not just all this, it is an idyllic place for utter fun & adventure. So, come and experience pristine beauty of God in Kashmir.
Well, Kashmir has scores of tourist destinations to explore and capture plenty of lovely memories to relish in forever. This place always gives new experiences to new comers with its surprising attractions. Most of the destinations including Gulmarg, anasar, Sonmarg, Nubru Valley, Jammu, Pahalgam, sanskar are the must-visits of Kashmir.
Gulmarg is the most startling tourism destination that should not be missed. The main reason why people love to visit here is its pleasant ambiance. Not just all this, Gulmarg is dotted with snow-capped mountains, grassy flowers, breathtaking waterfalls & lakes and so on. One of the most alluring spots in Gulmarg is Alpather Lake that engulfs the heart of the tourists with its rhythmic charm. Yet another much-loved place in Gulmarg is Shrine of Baba Reshi. Besides all the natural wonders, Gulmarg is widely known for golfing. It has the world's premier Golf Course which offers the visitors different golf methods to learn.
Globally known as "the hills of Shepherds" Pahalgam is a must-see location in Kashmir. Dotted with spectacularly natural sightseeing, Pahalgam is a delight to explore. The awesome beauty of the Valley is simply heart-touching. Here, one can also observe plentiful pine forests, snow clad mountains and immense paddocks. Apart from its enchanting beauty, it presents a glorious look of Kashmir from its loving huts & hotels. Some of hotels & cottages have come up with all the modern facilities including transportation and medical enhancement.
Shikara ride
The Kashmir trip would not be considered until and unless you visit on Shikara boat. It is a major highlight of this green paradise that enables you to explore spectacular sights to behold. Once used for several transport purposes, today it is a central point of honeymooners. It is aptly suited way to celebrate the most affectionate moments of your new wedding life. Despite all, temples in Kashmir are the true spiritual places to visit.
Well, Kashmir is a best place noted for its absolute greenery and exclusive sightseeing to see.

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