The beautiful and talented Kate Hudson married Chris Robinson on the final day of 2001 is a hush-hush ceremony that included seven guests. Hudson, then famous for her much talked about performance in Almost Famous, probably broke millions of hearts when she sported the large five carat Asscher cut diamond ring. When one talks of Valentine’s Day, one cannot skip this magnificent that was chosen by Robinson for popping that crucial question. If you are in awe of heart shaped diamond engagement rings, this is one design that will cast a magic spell on you.

The design and setting of Hudson’s ring
Hudson’s ring features an art-deco setting that belonged from Neil Lane. The band was made out of dazzling platinum with the large Asscher cut diamond flaunting on the top. The designing of the ring is incredibly antique and old fashioned, but everyone from the masses to the critics seemed to like design for its raw feel. Hudson was seen adoring the ring on many occasions, till the couple split in the year 2006. The Asscher cut diamond drew attention for all the compelling reasons, including the clarity and cut factor. The diamond clarity is touted to be ‘IF’, and the color is known to be F. The cut of the stone is ideal, and size, as mentioned above, is five carats. The large rock has been secured stored with four prong settings, something that is particularly common with Asscher cut diamonds. The platinum band has been detailed with small pave diamonds, each distinguished from the other, to impart a clean and defined look for the large diamond. Hudson and her partner never discussed the cost of the ring to the media, but as it is presumed, the cost should reach a few millions given the large size of the ring.

Buying a ring Like Hudson
Asscher cut diamond rings, like that of Hudson, can be a warm change to heart shaped diamond engagement rings. Although, these rings are not conventional choices for engagement rings, they certainly look stunning and spectacular like heart shaped diamonds. Like most others, if you like heart shaped diamond engagement rings for the dazzle and detailing, you can always find a design that is similar to the one sported by Hudson. In fact, Hudson’s ring made way for large numbers of similar designs and pushed the popularity for Asscher cut diamonds. A diamond, with SI2 as clarity rate and ‘G’ as color, should work perfectly for engagement purposes. Of course, the better amount you are a ready to spend, the better will be the options and choices.

You can well image the sparkling beauty of a ring that features a heart shaped diamond with the detailing given to Hudson’s ring. In case, you are trying to find heart shaped diamond engagement rings within a limited budget, opt for diamond with a smaller size. There are some seriously spectacular diamond ring collections online, and you can find decent discounts.

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