On Thursday's Today show, Kathie Lee Gifford confirmed what was reported on Wednesday: Taylor Swift together with her new boyfriend Conor Kennedy crashed the nuptials of Kyle Kennedy in Boston over the weekend.
Gifford defended her stepdaughter Vicki Gifford Kennedy's claim, giving a nod to what she has already told the Boston Herald, regardless of Swift's insistence that it was not true.
“The truth, because I was there,” Gifford told Today's co-host Hoda Kotb “[is that] Vicki’s account is accurate.”
Even though Taylor, 22, has never received an invitation to Kyle's wedding and her boyfriend Conor, 18, never bothered to RSVP, Kathie decided to leave place for doubt saying: "I'm not sure [Taylor] didn't know she was invited."
But still, Gifford was 100% sure that the mother of the bride, Vicky, was not happy at all when she saw her nephew Conor showing up with his famous girlfriend at the Fairmont Copley Plaza Saturday.
Hoda then had to ask Kathie if they had asked Taylor to leave?
To that Gifford non-hesitantly replied: “Twice.”
Also, Kathie recalled how she spotted Swift “in the hallway, waiting around” and didn't have a clue that “there was any drama going on at the time until” she spoke to Vicky.
She went on to confirm that Vicky didn't want the Grammy winning singer to appear at her daughter’s nuptials in order not to steal the show from Kyle on the bride's day.
Swift's obviously unwelcomed presence at Kennedy's wedding made headlines after Victoria opened up about the “wedding- crashing incident” to the Boston Herald. Among other things, she told the daily: “They texted me an hour before the wedding and asked if they could come. I responded with a very clear, ‘Please do not come.’ They came anyway.”

Meanwhile, a source told People that Conor Kennedy and Taylor Swift returned to dance at the reception, and as the mag cites the source: “At that point [the bride and groom] didn't care.”

And if it is still not clear why were the two asked to leave? It's because, as Hoda put it:“When Taylor Swift walks into your wedding, she gets all the attention and you're chopped liver.”

What are your thoughts on this? Who is to blame for the so-called wedding-crashing incident: Conor, Taylor, both of them or no one – both of them are too young and immature? Please, tell us in the comments below.

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