Think of an activity that yields the benefits of physical exercise while keeping you entertained. Only a few names come, right? Did kayaking come to your mind? Kayaking one of those few activities popular for their diverse benefits. Even if you compare kayaking with the most popular exercise, you will find the former to be more exciting and delightful than the latter. For many, kayaking benefits are so apparent that they love to pursue the sport while they can.

What Does It Feel Like?

Just the minute you start gliding through whitewater; you get the view of tranquil surroundings, often to your surprise so strikingly that you cannot help admiring. You have to be ready to zip down the oncoming rapids the next moment you uttered "wow." But, kayaking is more than that. It is superior to the job of bringing variations in your typical workout. The sport offers its benefits to kayakers when it comes to their overall physical and psychological wellbeing.

The Actual Benefits

You might have hard people telling that kayaking has something to do with the cardiovascular health. What’s that something? It elevates the cardiovascular health while strengthening some of the major muscle groups if you can commit to the sport at least once/twice a week. Some people keep saying kayaking is excellent when it comes to the upper body workouts. Well, it’s true that the activity sets some challenges for your upper body. But, it does equally well when you need to work on your lower body. If you use a pedal kayak, you are to navigate your vessel using the leg. The movements you make using your legs keep your entire body active and in motion.

The likeliest advantages to your health include an increased level of endurance, improved management of cholesterol levels, improved heart health and blood sugar level. Despite to a little extent, the sport can be associated with the enhancement of the lung functionality. Some experienced kayakers suggest that regular kayaking can offer you all the benefits of aerobic exercise, and the fun you can have is a great extra!

A recent report conducted by Harvard Health Publications suggest that you can burn about 222 calories if your weight is 185 lbs., and you kayak only 30 minutes a day. You might think you can burn more calories being engaged in different other exercises. Did you guess how many calories you could burn if you would go on an all-day kayaking adventure? There's no doubt you could lose as many as 1,000 calories.

Psychological Benefits

Apart from the different physical benefits, other good things about kayaking include some integrated approaches to address your depression, monotony of daily routine, stress, and mental tension if you have any.

However, you need to choose the right kayak even it’s a high-end inflatable model that suits you well and helps you achieve the above benefits from regular kayaking tours.

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