Are you a Kindle e-book writer and looking to publish a book soon? Well, finding the right category and keywords for your work is important to ensure that it sells. However, this is a tedious process, particularly if you’re doing on your own. Fortunately, there are many tools out there that can help you to ease and speed up the process. Kindle spy is so far the best tool in the market.

What is Kindle Spy?

KDSpy is a browser extension that helps Kindle publishers to discover hot niche opportunities. It makes that possible by reverse-engineering the bestseller category in the marketplace. The extension is only compatible with Firefox and Google Chrome. This tool offers the following benefits:

• Help you identify the suitable keywords for your book’s titles and subtitles
• Helps you know if there’s enough demand for your book’s idea before you begin writing
• Help discover how competitive different niches are and which ones disserve your attention
• It helps in spying competitors in your niche and replicating their success.
Doing this research manually could take you hours upon hours. But with Kindle Spy, this becomes a matter of minutes.

KDSPY Key Features

Bestseller Rankings

Kindle Spy’s bestseller rankings feature is one of the most critical for the kindle book category. The feature shows you the stats you need most such as page numbers, estimated sales, price, reviews, etc.

Book Tracking

The book tracking feature is important for helping you track the book ranking over the past 30 days. With this feature, you’ll get the handy information you need. The information includes the traffic sources a publisher of a particular book is using and more potential sources of traffic.

Spy on Self-Published Authors

Kindle Spy helps you analyze a given author’s page and find what you need to know about their books. You’ll get other information including the number of books they have published, sales ranks, monthly revenue, number of reviews, etc.

Search Tool

You can utilize the search tool to find keywords and suggestions together with each suggestion’s competitiveness estimates.

Word Cloud

Word cloud is a critical feature that helps you analyze the bestsellers’ titles in a given niche. Also, it helps you know the most frequent words in the books’ titles.


• Regular updates with new features
• Enjoy an unbeatable one-time payment
• User-friendly browser extension
• Book tracking features to help in bookkeeping
• Multiple stores compatibility


• No auto-updates for Firefox users
• No Amazon demand data
• Doesn’t support Microsoft Edge, Safari and others

Kindle Spy Subscription

Kindle Spy has a one-time subscription fee of $47 (a discounted amount from the previous price of $97). After purchasing the extension, there will be no other subscriptions or any hidden charges. That price includes lifetime updates of the tool and a 60-day satisfaction guarantee so that you can buy with confidence.


Doing extensive book market research is critical. It helps in booking writing, choosing a suitable title, cover designing, description writing, and the marketing part of your book. KDSPY comes in handy in finding the ideal book category. You won’t waste any valuable time as the whole process is reduced to minutes. And you don’t have to manually surf through countless niches trying to identify the best one for your needs. At less than $50, this is a more than fair deal.

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