Facebook is a widely used social media platform to connect with friends and family. There are many communities on Facebook that bring together people with shared interests of business acumen. We often search for the people we want to connect whereby checking their names. However, Facebook image search is another tool with which we can search for images on Facebook.

Before we get on with the Facebook image searcher feature, we have to keep in mind a few factors. We can only search for the images if the Facebook profile is public or is visible to you as part of your friends of friends list. Private Facebook profiles are locked and don’t come up on Facebook image search.

There were two ways to do a Facebook image search,
1. By filenames
2. By images

If you can upload the file name, you should be able to track any image. Since all images have specific file names tracking the filenames will reveal the image too. However, there could be folder images with the same filename. The higher the resolution of the image better is its probability to come up during the file search. Don't be disheartened if during your image search you get the search results of non-relevant images. After all, this is not facing recognition software and might not have the perfect results.

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