One of the most important things you can do as a list owner is have empathy for your subscribers. What this means is, don’t abuse them.

If you’ve been a member of other lists you might have noticed that they seem to “use” their list members. This can really make you upset and frustrated. And, it’s likely you are going to get off of lists like this. The same thing can happen with members who join your list. Before you send your message, always think about the long-term effects that message could have. If you're just trying to make a quick buck, and you’re not promoting quality, it will come back to bite you in the end.

This means do your homework before agreeing to send out messages on behalf of others, whether they be joint-venture or affiliate partners.

If you’re an affiliate you should review the products that you’re promoting to make sure they are high quality. Don’t promote something just because there is a high commission for you!

If you are fairly new to the affiliate arena you may have to purchase something before you reach a point where someone will give you a product to review. However, as you become known by other experts, they will often invite you to look at that product before you make a decision.

The same thing applies if you sell physical products. Make sure that everything you do and the products that you promote are in the best interest of those who have subscribed.

You need to really think through those things you plan to introduce to your subscribers.

Showcase Yourself As An Expert

The people who have signed up for your list have likely done so because they want to learn more about what you have to say. They would not sign up if they weren’t sure they could learn valuable information or gain some insights for doing so.

That’s why you should present yourself as an expert at all times. The quality of everything you put to market must be outstanding. That goes for free as well as for fee.

Be empathetic to your subscribers’ needs, time and energy. Only send out information you feel is important. Keep the best interest of your readers in the forefront of what you do.

Does this mean you can’t have a sense of humor around what you send out? Absolutely not! If that’s your personality, then go for it. However, avoid wasting people’s time with useless jokes and comics. They will soon grow weary of this.

Other ways to showcase your expertise is through guest blogging. When you do a guest blog you can send a short message to your subscribers, with the permalink included.

People trust and look up to experts. Your relationship with your list will grow stronger than ever as you share your expert strategies, tips, and tricks to help your list members.

However, avoid overloading people with every little thing in which you are featured. This can be counterproductive.

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