Keep these things in mind while building a house, a strong house will be built at a low-cost Village Connection and MP Birla Cement taught village heads and secretaries how to build a strong foundation for their village

 Everyone's dream is to make a home for themselves. If some things were not taken into consideration while making them, then even after spending lots of money nothing is fine. Village Connection and MP Birla Cement have started a joint campaign from Uttar Pradesh to impart technical knowledge regarding the construction of the villagers.

Under this, the village heads and villagers are being given basic information regarding the construction of the building at the village and block level programs. The program was organized in the Block Auditorium of Vikas Khand Moth, which was attended by 55 Pradhans and 15 Panchayat Secretaries. During this time, Ajay, the technical officer of MP Birla Group, said, "If we are a little aware while building a house, the cost of building a house can be low and a strong house.

Most villagers spend millions of rupees for lack of information, Despite this, some problems start coming up in the house soon after.

" Also read: Access to technical information can only change the picture of the construction of rural India. He further added, "It is very important to take care of the quality of water, sand, Morang and cement in building a house. The amount of soil in sand should not be more than three percent, this affects the quality. Cement does not cook properly. Because of which white cracks and linters start falling in the walls. While water should also be paid attention, we should use the same water that we drink. The water of the Pokhara pond etc. is not clean and if it is used in cement spices, then somewhere the cement spice is not as strong as it should be.

" Take care of these things before building a house

- Make a house plan according to the needs of the family.

- Select cement of good quality. - Use pure water in construction work.

- After construction, do at least 10 lowlands.

- Seek construction advice only from a knowledgeable person.

- Take care of mixing cement and construction materials.

Also read: Pradhans were taught how to keep a strong village foundation Manth's BDO Subhash Nema, who was present at the event, thanked the village connection and MP Birla Cement, saying, "This shared effort of the village connection and MP Birla Cement is greatly appreciated. The program received very good information. We in the village Works like toilets, drainage, housing etc. The information related to the small shortcomings occurring at the time of construction work has been received in the future and LA works will be used. " Pramesh Kumar, head of Chirgaon Khurd, said, "Very good information was received. Many things were known to us which we did not pay attention to. We used to use any kind of water while preparing the spices, but now we know It has been said that clean water should be used for strong construction, as water is directly related to the strength of construction. Could take care. " ADO Dharampal Sone said, "The Pradhans and Panchayat Secretaries were informed in this program about the quality of care and maintenance in construction-related works. By understanding these things, the Pradhan will be able to make more durable and strong construction work


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