Do you ever just feel the world has opened up for you? Like everything is going your way? Like you broke through that barrier that’s been holding you back? Like your on-top of the world?

Well if you have, that means you’ve had an experience to contrast that feeling with, which means you’ve felt like nothing’s opening for you, everywhere you turn there seems to be a new barrier, and you feel like you’re at the bottom of the pile.

Business, life, actually everything experiences periods of expansion and contraction.

As you’re building your business, you’ll have growth periods – things will be happening very quickly, you’ll get a bunch of new clients, you’ll fill your group, you’ll sell out your 1-day workshop AND you’ll have “not-so growth” periods, where it can feel like everything you’re doing isn’t right.

We see this happen in “Big” businesses, “little” businesses, in our business, our colleagues’ businesses, our client’s businesses, our mentors’ businesses… actually every business.

It’s the cycle of business… it’s the cycle of life… and it’s the cycle of decision and faith.

Now let’s look at how this would look in your business.

So, you’ve got this new program you want to offer to your list. It’s a great program, you know it can help lots of people and you come up with a plan to promote it to your list. To talk to people about it and to fill it.

You feel really good about your plan, you’ve thought about everything you can think of and you “launch” it. You start sending your emails, you start talking to people about it, and you get a little lost in the “doing” and maybe start feeling a little overwhelmed.

And that’s the deal right? You’ve got your idea (Having a full program)… your working toward your goal (Filling your amazing program)… and in the middle of all of the doing it can be easy to lose perspective.

A teleclass doesn’t go “right” or an email gets messed up. You talk to a couple of people and they say “no”, you find out the person you thought would be perfect for this is now working with someone else. You get the idea.

And all of a sudden, it can be easy to feel like the plan isn’t working and it’s time to radically change course and not stick to the plan (or to blow the plan up all together).

Now, in business (and in life) this is called a crisis of faith.

Remember that what we focus on expands, so if we don’t have faith in achieving the goal of our plan, and we begin to question the plan, all of a sudden we’ve brought doubt and worry into our experience.

Then it’s not too long before fear follows (because where there is doubt and worry, fear is sure to be there waiting just under the surface).

So fear shows up and then you’re really in trouble. You’re not thinking straight, you’re not making good decisions, because your decisions are coming from fear and lack. Trust me that is a recipe for disaster!

Decisions need to be made from a place of certainty, they need to made without fear. There can be butterflies in your stomach, like you’re about to take a leap of faith, but you do not want to be coming from fear… because if you do you’ll never stick to your decision.

So, doubt, worry and fear come in and next thing you know you’re not sticking to the plan, your running around like crazy, not getting anything done… when all you really needed to do was stick to the plan (that you made when you were able to think straight).

You see, launches ebb and flow too, they take time, it’s all about multiple touches, it’s all about education and building know, like and trust for that new product, service or offering. So there will be times when in the middle of your launch you may be questioning what’s happening.

That’s why you want to create your plan when you’re in a place that you can make good and powerful decisions. You want to create your plan surrounding yourself with likeminded people who can help you make the best plan possible….

Then you need to launch your plan, trust your plan, fully step into your plan and then work your plan (because no plan will work without action)….

There will probably come a time during the launch when the plan doesn’t’ feel like the “right” plan. It’s ok to tweak the plan, but don’t abandon it.

Especially if you’re not in the right frame of mind…. aka, fear, doubt or worry have taken over in that moment.

Work your plan. Trust your plan. Follow it through… all the way to the end. Don’t quit on your plan, see it through.

There is a reason that most of Think and Grow Rich is about planning and Hill dedicated an entire chapter to the subject of “Persistence”.

That being said, come at your plan with HIGH expectation and LOW attachment. Have really high expectations of your plan working, of your group filling, of the clients and money coming in. Have low attachment to the outcome of any individual part of the plan.

That way you are coming to everything excited and happy, but if 1 person says no or something doesn’t work out perfectly, you don’t move into doubt, worry or fear.

Just work your plan and see it through. Because, what you want is on the other side.

Okay, transparency time, Paige and I have been pulled into this cycle more times than I’d care to admit (when we first started out it felt like a daily occurrence). We’d be in the middle of some launch that felt like it was make or break for our business and something would happen to have us question ourselves and we’d be like, “What are we doing?!?”

But it’s at those times that you need to remember the TRUTH and you need to go back and work the plan you laid out.

And I’ll tell you, the times we worked the plan, we experienced expansion and the times we would radically change the plan (or get so paralyzed we couldn’t work the plan) we experienced contraction.

Your Call to Action

~Contact.FirstName~, what are you launching right now or what are you getting ready to launch in the next few months?

Do you have a solid plan for what you’re doing? How you’re going to get the message out there? How you’re going to enroll people? Have you had a mentor or another person who understands your business and market give you their feedback?

Were you in the right state of mind when you created the plan? (In other words you did not create the plan out of fear.)

If you said yes, and you created the best plan you could create, then I challenge you to launch your plan, trust your plan, fully step into your plan and work your plan.

Trust the process, know that the launch isn’t over till it’s over… so keep your HIGH expectation and LOW attachment until it’s done and then move on to your next plan.

If so, we invite you to take a step back and start putting your client into the equation – at the beginning! Put yourself in their shoes. What would you want to hear? Would you want to hear all about someone’s mission and vision OR would you want to hear that they really understand what you’re going through, they really get what you desire and they can really help you?

That is what you need to be writing about, sharing and talking about – them…not you. That comes later.

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