Who doesn’t want to take their lovely dogs on a ride? But the mess involved will make the whole experience a nightmare for many dog owners. In such cases, pet car seat covers could well be the answer for this issue. Pet car seat covers protect your car's rear seat from getting soiled without compromising on the dog’s safety and comfort while on the drive. Bid adieu to the nasty dander and muddy paw prints of your canine friend that could spoil your day out.

Pet car seat covers also protect the car upholstery from getting scratched by your dog's nails. Unlike cats, dogs cannot retract their nails and this can cause serious damage to your car's seat. The car seat covers also have hooks that will secure your dog to the seats preventing it from falling off even if you slam the brakes suddenly. Seat covers are available in various materials of various costs; it is better to opt for water proof and sturdy materials that will withstand the daily grinds with ease, especially if you own a large breed. Choosing the right pet car seat cover will not be an easy task if you are not clear on what to look for and how to go about it .

It is always better to choose a slightly bigger dog seat cover to make sure that the dog gets adequate space. Car seat covers are available in a palette of vibrant colors; darker colors will be a better choice as they won’t show dirt and hence won’t require frequent washing. If you own a well-trained dog that will sit calm in the car, you can even go for nylon or cloth seat cover whereas in the case of highly charged up dogs you might need heavy duty materials like rubber. Make sure to pick up dog seat covers that are padded with cushions with water-proof linings to prevent the seats from getting damp.

There are pet seat covers designed for all types of automobiles, which can be easily slipped over the seats to form a protective cover between the animal and the car upholstery. It will allow you to take your best companion everywhere you wish to, all the while keeping your car neat and in top condition. Dogs love to travel with their masters and you need not deny this simple joy for your pet anymore thanks to the dog seat covers, which will keep both your dog and car seat safe and in good shape!

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