In recent years, the use of ceramic subway tiles has become immensely popular for both bathroom and kitchen interior renovations. They come with wide horizontal white lines, clean angles, high gloss and lends your floor a smooth and shiny appearance.

However, like any tile, they need to be maintained properly on a consistent basis. Or else, those signs of dirt will become visible the longer it is left unchecked. More than its surface, it is the grout which poses a big cleaning challenge.

Those in-between lines can get grungy and dirty very easily thus; causing it to look scummy, mildewed and discoloured. Such occurrences mostly take place in subway tiles fitted into bathrooms where issues of moisture, dampness, mildew and even insufficient ventilation exist.

Fret Not. Below explains some smart tips to keep your ceramic subway tiles clean and damage-free.

Perform Routine Cleaning:-

Generally speaking, ceramic subway tiles don’t require too much maintenance. But that’s doesn’t mean that you should leave them unattended for too long. To prevent grime and dirt from accumulating over the surface and in-between the grout lines; you need to wash them on a regular basis.

The whole washing process will require a mixture of water, vinegar and a mild dishwashing detergent/soap. You need to combine 1 ounce of each of these elements, spray it over the stained area and let it stay for a couple of minutes. After that; you can wipe it using a clean towel or paper towels. That should do the trick.

Take Steps To Reduce Risks Of Scratching & Stains:-

Once your installed subway tiles get stained, it can ruin their overall appearance. If you notice signs of splatters and spills, like at the back-splash of your gas oven, look to wipe it properly and quickly. The longer you allow the stains to stay on your subway tiles, the more difficult it becomes to get them off.

So, the wise decision would be to wipe any stains or marks immediately on happening. It will save you a lot of time and effort in its cleaning.

In addition, ceramic subway tiles can easily get scratched- despite being a durable material. So you need to maintain extra caution. Some preventative measures include:-

  • Sweeping the surface regularly
  • And thoroughly vacuuming the subway tile surface using a soft head vacuum cleaner.

Doing so will not only prevent debris from scratching the tile surface and hampering its smooth and shiny appearance.

Cleaning The Grout In-between The Subway Tiles:-

This is the biggest hurdle when planning to clean subway tiles. Improper cleaning techniques can further cause it to stain or discolour, and hamper the entire appearance of your subway grout tiles.

Ideally; you can wash the grout with the help of hot water, a stiff bristle brush. If the grout is too dirty/ started to fade/or has an excessive grime build-up, then you can add vinegar, baking soda to prevent grime accumulation.

Prepare a mix and spray it over the grime accumulated grout area. You can also look to safeguard your subway by sealing it properly once every year.

Alternatively; you can also look to perform a stain-resistant treatment to keep your subway tile grout appearing great.

Follow these easy yet effective cleaning hacks to keep your subway tiles clean and glossy. However, if you notice they are too damaged/cracked or faded; you can replace them with fresh subway tiles from a notable supplier serving across Perth. So, find one such notable agency and give them a call.


Author's Bio: 

The author is a notable supplier of quality subway tiles in Perth for a variety of interior decorations. The author is also an avid writer and likes educating readers on the use of different tiles to achieve the most remarkable decorations.