Often, kids outgrow their toddler seats and baby car seats, and if you notice that your baby is unable to fit comfortably when riding in a car, you should consider buying a car booster seat to make your child's ride safe and comfortable. Most of the baby car seats can comfortably fit for babies below the age of four. However, most of the kids are yet not ready to use car seat belts. For this reason, it is best to buy a child booster seat as it will make their ride more comfortable and safe.
Companies manufacturing child car seats are governed by strict laws and almost all car booster seats have same set of safety features as prescribed by law to ensure the maximum possible safety of the child.
The car seat belts are prefect for adults but are not suitable for kids. By using a child booster seat, everything is fitted perfectly for the safety for the child. There are booster seats that come in low back and high back designs. The high back child booster seats provide a comfortable head rest to the child even if the car is not equipped with high seats. This feature also protects your child form "whiplash" in case of any accident.
The common type of booster seat is standard backless booster. They are not only small, but easily portable. They use the car's own seatbelt for securing the child and life the child to the height which is appropriate for the car belt. Others have some extras like cup holders, etc.
The low back car booster seats are cheaper than high back seats, and can be conveniently moved from one car to another. However, lower back models are best for cars with high seats and headrests. High back booster seat has five point harness system which can even be ignored if you want to ride on belt positioning mode. However, using the harness that comes with the booster seat is the best and the safest way to hold the child until he or she finally outgrows it. There are many convertible models that can be used for kids as soon as they start using car toddler seats.
Important Things To Keep In Mind...
Before choosing a child booster seat, you should read the safety ratings. Not all booster seats for eating are alike and some may do much better job than others.
Another important thing to keep in mind is that you should buy car booster seats new, as older models may be subject to recall or they may have been involved in any accident leaving them less incapable of protecting your child in case of any crash. They would cost just few dollars and there is no need to sacrifice safety of child for this small amount.
Above all, you should also consider the comfort of your child. By keeping these important things in mind, you will have no problem in selecting a safe, comfortable and affordable seat for your child.

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