Investments are not just meant to make more money from your present income but also a way to safeguard your and your family’s future. You work hard for your income, but keeping them idle in your bank is a waste of opportunity. Hence, to ensure financial independence, secured retirement, safety from unforeseen medical issues, and overall security of your future, investments are highly significant. However, it is essential to secure your finances through investments, as well as protect investment details. Make sure you share such information with family members close to you only or those who you wish to claim the money, should you pass away untimely.

Types of important investments

There is a vast portfolio of investment opportunities available in the market. You can choose from a mix of traditional options that used over the years, and newer options that have gained popularity in recent years.

Stocks & Mutual Funds -

Stocks or company shares are one of the most popular investment vehicles in India. Buying a company’s stock would enable you to participate in the company’s growth. Mutual Funds, on the other hand, are an investment vehicle that pools money from several investors and invests it in a way that earns the best returns.

Fixed Deposits & Recurring Deposits -

Fixed deposits are investment vehicles created for a fixed period. Apart from providing guaranteed returns, they also offer complete capital protection. However, this is not the case for recurring deposits. In the case of recurring deposits, you will have to put aside a fixed sum for a pre-defined period.

Public Provident Fund (PPF) -

A long term tax saving investment vehicle, PPF comes with a lock-in time of 15 years. The Government decides the PPF rate every year. It is one of the most ideal and vital investments you should make during your lifetime.

National Pension System -

Another tax-saving investment, The National Pension System (NPS), as the name suggests, is a pension scheme. It stays locked-in until your retirement and earns higher returns than PPF or EPF.

Above mentioned investment options are just some of the many options available in the financial market. Those such as mutual funds and bank deposits include numerous varieties of their own.

Investments for your family and available to your family only

Hence because one makes multiple investments in their lifetime, it can be challenging to keep track of all of them, let alone inform your family too. To facilitate this process, individuals can take the help of an investment tracker app, such as an investment safeguard app, which allows you one platform to save your investment details in a safe and encrypted way. Your investment details are available only to those family members that you choose to include, by yourself. In an unpredictable scenario, we must share your investment information with our family in case you get hospitalized or pass away. Hence, it is a one-click way to record and keep your investments safe and make them available to your family whenever required.

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