Staying fit is more expensive than being fat. This statement is a topic for huge discussions for the US citizens. The issue is influenced by several factors, but the most important one is, of course, your nutrition. Midtown barbershop co-workers are in a busy part of the New York City, and they fairly have short brakes which are mostly used to have a snack. While everyone has a snack during a working day, not everybody suffers from gaining excessive weight, and it doesn’t really depend on your body type. What’s the secret?

1. Calculating
The title of the paragraph makes you feel you don’t want to do that. The truth is that calculation how much proteins, carbohydrates, and fats you eat each day is as efficient as scheduling. You will never get a precise number, but it will help you face your daily consumptions. You should simply compare them to a daily recommended consumptions. Afterward, you should reconsider your daily meals.

2. Cook yourself
Some of the American citizens have a hard time doing that. Street food or meals in a local cafeteria are very accessible, yet they contain much more fat and sugar, as well as the preservatives. Cooking at home lets you lessen the amount of junk you put in your body. It is even cheaper to cook yourself. As an example, only two teaspoons of brown sugar is enough to help vegetables caramelize while frying just to get a crisp. Combining it with a chicken breast seasoned with salt, pepper, rosemary, and thyme sounds delicious. Cook in advance and bring such dishes to your working place. Offices mostly have kitchens and cafeterias to eat there.

3. Bad habits
People tend to eat when they want to distract themselves while having a stressful task or just to accompany a stressed colleague during a working day. It becomes a habit which strengthens each day. Your brain recognizes a habitual sign, which can be the stress or a leisure time, which leads to habitual actions, and the reward in the end. Change the reward to a brain relief by talking to your colleague while going for a short walk instead of visiting the cafeteria to have a croissant. Your renewed habit will help you lose your weight without thinking about it, what a miracle.

4. What leads to excessive weight?
We have mentioned sugar, fats, and preservatives earlier. Well, those products responsible for the excessive weight. A conventional example of a preservative is salt, although they all work the same. Preservatives make the water accumulate in our body. Furthermore, they also accumulate themselves, so it is hard to get rid of them if you consume more than you should. It is evident how fats influence our body, but what about sugar? It is a type of carbohydrates which digests so fast that it turns into energy very quick. A small portion of sugar helps us digest the proteins, but short impacts of energy are not what we need during the day. It doesn’t last long, and we will want to eat soon. The solution is to consume complex carbs, which consume slower and give us balanced energy portions in between the meals.

This article is very simple and is designed to help people generally. If you have more complicated issues, you should definitely consult with a nutritionist.

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