For years there has been a stereotype that women love having a wide variety of shoes, but is it true? Do women really own more pairs of shoes than men do?

Some do and there is nothing wrong with that. Women buy shoes to match outfits and to accommodate their daily activities. Variety is an integral part of happiness in our daily existence, and frankly, we could all benefit from a little change of pace in our outfits now and then.

But these days men, women, and children all tend to have more shoes than ever before. This is because we now have shoes to fit a variety of special occasions. We have hiking boots, running shoes, dress shoes, and casual pairs.

This is good for comfort, fabulous for fashion, and essential for accommodating our active lifestyles. But this mass of shoes also tends to pile up in a hurry. What are you supposed to do with all of them?

Actually, organizing your shoe collection has never been easier than it is today. Here are a few great options for keeping you and your family’s footwear organized and accessible.

Multi-Pair Shoe Rack/Tower

Shoes can overtake your bedroom in a hurry. Sure, you can just shove them in boxes or under the bed, but then it can be hard to find the right pair you are looking for when you are putting together an outfit for the evening.

If you have a truly expansive collection of shoes you are going to require a rack that can handle them all. This shoe rack and tower is available in several different sizes to accommodate all of your organizational needs. You can pick versions that can hold 20, 30, or even 50 pairs of shoes. It requires minimal assembly and is tough enough to hold all your shoes and even shoeboxes.

Shoes Under

Is space at a minimum in your small room or studio apartment? Have you exhausted every corner of available space, every shelf, and every drawer? Well, with Shoes Under you can keep your shoes safe and secure under your bed without worrying about damage or disorganization.

Shoes Under is made of a nylon and vinyl material and can hold up to a dozen pairs of shoes. It has a zippered, see-through cover so that you can easily identify the pair that you are after. Keep it on your closet floor or pull it out from under the bed using the functional handles. No matter where you put it, your shoes will be ready to wear when you store them inside of a Shoes Under organizer.

Overdoor Shoe Rack

Keeping things in order underneath your bed is a great way to utilize space, but many people have already thought of this idea. You might keep other storage boxes there or you could even have a bed frame that does not accommodate keeping things beneath it.

If this sounds like you then you might be interested in the over-door shoe rack. You can easily hook this incredible organization solution right over the back of your bedroom or closet door. Already have a mirror or your favorite poster hanging there? Have no fear, because you can also mount this shoe rack right onto your wall. It is available in sizes that can hold either 24 or 36 pairs of shoes. There is no reason to have your favorite articles of footwear scattered about with solutions like this one.

Melamine Shoe Cube

When you live with a family or roommates the vestibule in your home can quickly turn into a messy pile of footwear. Many time you don’t wear the same pair of shoes every time you leave the house, yet you still have a few “go to” pairs that you like to have ready by the door. This area can become disorganized in a hurry if there are multiple people living in the same household.

With this melamine shoe cube you can have a handsome and effective shoe organizer available right when you walk in the house. These large cubbies are large enough to hold sandals, casual shoes, high heels, and even some boot styles. Want to spruce up your entryway even more? You can easily place framed photographs, potted plants, or other knick-knacks on top of the shoe cube or even in one of the cubbies.

This organization solution is made from laminated particle board and requires a little bit of assembly. You can purchase it in either 15 or 25 pair versions. Keep your footwear right where you need them with this fabulous item.

Having a place to store your things is crucial to maintaining an organized household. Don’t let clutter invade your serene environment. Put things in their place with any of these handy organization solutions.

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