The kitchen is the center of a home. Families spend a lot of quality time in the kitchen as they enjoy delicious food. The kitchen can be an accident-prone area as there are a lot of sharp objects lying around and several electrical appliances are used in the kitchen. It is important that you pay special attention to the potential electrical hazards so that you can keep the place safe and functional. You can get the electrical installation condition report also known as an eicr report to make sure that there are no electrical hazards in the kitchen.

Here are some ways you can ensure electrical safety and prevent accidents.

No Water Contact with Outlets:

There are a lot of electrical appliances used in the kitchen and when you are cooking or washing up it is possible for the water to get into the outlets and switches. It is extremely dangerous because if the water comes in contact with the outlets can lead to electric shocks. The water can also damage the appliances and reduce their lifespan. You should make sure that the outlets are not near the water like the near the sinks or dishwasher.

Avoid Overloading The Circuit:

There are a lot of electrical appliances that are used in the kitchen. Appliances such as ovens, freezers, refrigerators, microwave, etc. are all high consumers of electricity and if you are not careful then you will end up overloading the circuit as the demand of the electricity can put tremendous stress on the circuit. You should not put too many appliances on the same socket or the same circuit and it can lead to the breaker to trip. The tripping of the breaker may seem like a small problem but it does indicate a larger problem. If it keeps on happening then it can cause serious electrical damage and serious hazards.

No Cables near Hot Areas:

A kitchen is a place where food is cooked and served so there are appliances that are hot and dangerous. There are a lot of appliances used in the kitchen and counter space can run out pretty quickly. You should care about the cords of the appliances because they should not be near hot areas because it can lead to serious electrical hazards. Make sure that the cords of the appliances are at a safe distance from the hot stove or oven. If the wires come in contact with the hot surface or even a pot it will melt the plastic, expose the wire and cause a fire.

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