Sending a parcel internationally is a very common way of sending birthday and Christmas presents to loved ones, or even important business parcels and documentation. With both having a great sense of urgency everybody wants to provide the correct packaging for their parcels to ensure they reach their destination in time and in perfect condition, it is actually quite surprising how many items get damaged in the post due to inadequate packaging. Whatever the contents, there is packaging available for any item to guarantee it arrival in one piece.

If your item is being sent abroad, during shipment it is likely to be handled by various machines which greatly increase the risk of your item being bumped and damaged. If your goods are of a fragile nature vibration and shock can do a great deal of harm, which is why proper cushioning is greatly advised. As your parcel is transported and sorted with other packages, if it isn't properly protected, the likelihood is that it will be broken or damaged due to shifting inside its container.

With so many different packaging products available it really depends on what it is you need to send. For those smaller items you should consider padded envelopes rather than a cardboard box, this will provide more protection in the way that there will be less room for breakage, plus it saves you having to fill a box out with bubble wrap. The main type of items that these are used for are CD's, DVD's, jewellery and other small gifts. On the other hand, if you want to send something that is quite large then you should really use alternative packaging as a padded envelope will be too small and will not provide the adequate amount of protection. For the postage of larger items, the most beneficial packaging to provide protection would have to be a cardboard carton coupled with the sufficient cushioning such as bubble wrap or tissue paper. This way, unless it suffers from an extremely severe knock, it will be arrive in perfect condition.

The thick layer of bubble wrap which lines the padded envelope is also great for the purpose of discretion as it effectively conceals what is inside. This is probably the best way to send an item of value to minimise the risk of it being “lost in the post”. However, this may not be as important if the parcel is being sent via courier or recorded delivery.

Electronic products are extremely prone to static damage, which is why protective measures are so important in order to prevent this; the most effective way to do this during postage is to use anti static bags. With their widespread popularity they are available in all different shapes and sizes, this suits the use of many industries that have to send and receive electrical components on a regular basis. Static shielding is extremely advantageous, with the great range available they can also protect the item from many other damaging elements it may be likely to come across during transit. Coming in puncture proof, waterproof, rigid and secure designs there will be absolutely nothing for you to worry about once you have posted the goods.

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