There are many advantages inherent in taking digital photos rather than using more traditional means, but one of the downsides can be the sheer volume of material produced. The question you’re left with is how best to store your favourite photos so that they are safe, easily accessible and can be enjoyed to their best effect. And the answer to that question can be found at in the form of a personalised photo book.

Although digital photos can be stored and accessed easily via electronic means, there’s still no denying the extra impact felt when you get to hold and look at a hard copy of an actual photo. In the past, such hard copies could be printed and stuck into makeshift albums or stored in photo tins, neither of which was an ideal solution. Our digital photo books enable you to produce an artefact which not only stores your pictures safely, but does so within the covers of a well produced aesthetically pleasing book which can be kept for years or given as a truly special gift.

Our photo books range from a speedy book which is available with only plain covers and one picture per page, to a range of bespoke, individually tailored books which can be made to look and feel exactly how you want them to. When tailoring a photo book, the range of choices you have open to you is dizzying. First and foremost you’ll be able to choose which of your photos you wish to include in the book. The number of photos you want to feature will lead, in turn, to your next choice – how many pages your book will have. You may want each page to just feature one full size picture or you may want to mix and match the number and size of the images on each page, whichever you prefer, we’ll be able to do it for you. Then there’s the question of shape – square, portrait or landscape and would you prefer it small, large, or extra large. The point is, it’s up to you, and the simple software we utilise means that making these decisions is a pleasure and not a chore. Other variables include the cover, which could be hard or soft, plain fabric, luxurious leather or a full colour print of one of your photos on the front and the back. All that’s left to do then is decide whether you want any text in the book and then, having tailored every detail, you can place your order and wait for your personal photo book to arrive.

Don’t just leave your digital photos cluttering up space on your computer or a memory stick. They’re your memories and they deserve to be enjoyed. Putting them between the covers of a bespoke photo book will make that so much easier.

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Memories are like flowers remembering which the fragrance of love and care is felt in the heart. Preserve this precious memories by why of photo album and personalised photo books.