The majority of vets actually lack the specialised training necessary in order to perform surgery, or to treat cancer and many other major diseases. They will give you their best guess when it comes to such a problem with your pet, but to ensure the best treatment available it is your job to see that their education, certification and experience fit the job at hand, with the creature's best interests at heart. If this doesn't seem to be the case then it is strongly advised that you change vets and a fully trained professional may offer you completely different treatment offers and will have the correct equipment necessary for optimum results.

Much like doctors, veterinarians learn very little about nutrition in school and what they actually learn can be quite heavily influenced by the pet food industry, while the very best vets actually take the time to study and experiment of their own accord; this not only shows great competence on their behalf but also expresses the dedication they have given to the welfare of your pet. Whereas those who haven't may be unaware of health beneficiaries such as fresh and minimally processed foods.

Dogs are a common victim of accidents and illnesses, from intestinal obstructions to falls and predator attacks, this can lead to big bills which may have been preventable with the correct advice. The best vets will educate you about common accidents and the early stages of diseases such as cancer and diabetes, they will also encourage a yearly check-up to ensure that your dog is fit and healthy.

Top immunologists have recently changed their vaccine recommendations as certain vaccines have been deemed unnecessary for the majority of dogs. This is a blessing as vaccinating for different diseases at once can be as harmful as giving one shot to an ill or immune-deficient canine and as a result can ultimately lead to autoimmune dysfunction, allergies, tumours, organ damage and even death.

Too many practices don't have the adequate amount of trained assistants to watch your pet as they awaken from anaesthetic and make it through the first post-surgical night. Also with no staff to offer advice after the surgery's closing hours once they have returned home, you may find that you don't have the correct resources to provide the best care throughout the imperative recovery period. The best vets will advise you to take all factors into consideration when deciding on treatment options and practitioners.

Every pet owner should be wary of vets who's first instinct is to surgical or pharmaceutical intervention, although this advice may be completely innocent and with their welfare in mind, this is not always the case. Some may be just thinking of what is best for the lining of their pockets without much interest in the health of their patient, although this may not be overly common it can and has happened in the past. There could be natural methods available without the undesirable side effects, this could be just as if not more effective, although your vet may not know them, the best vets actually encourage the investigation of alternatives before proceeding.

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