You’ve been working hard on your diet, and you’re finally beginning to see results. But you still have the occasional craving for something sweet to eat. With certain special types of candy, however, you can keep your sugar-free diet alive and still eat the treats that you love. There are several sugar-free candies in which you can indulge without sabotaging your efforts.

For example, you can pamper your sweet tooth with fruity yumminess when you choose Gummy Bears – Sugar Free to add to your diet. Sweet and juicy, these colorful gummy bears give you intense satisfaction as you sink your teeth into each one. Fresh, with various fruit flavors, they provide long-lasting taste that will help you resist snacks and desserts that are filled with far more calories and sugar. And, as you know, indulging your cravings can give you the resolve to maintain your diet program, especially when your indulgence doesn’t sabotage your efforts.

Jelly Belly Jelly Beans – Assorted Sugar Free are full of the same fruity sweetness that ordinary sugar-loaded jelly beans contain. You’ll quickly discover your favorite flavor from among buttered popcorn, cream soda, pomegranate and others. The colors are bright and the texture is delightful. Grab a handful and you’ll smile with each bite. You’ll smile even brighter when you remind yourself that you’re keeping your diet alive with these sugar free jelly beans.

Chocolate Covered Raisins – Sugar Free are also available to satisfy your sweet cravings. These are just as tangy and sweet as regular chocolate covered raisins that are loaded with sugar. But they are lower in calories so you can enjoy them without feeling guilty. Whether it’s the middle of the afternoon at the office or after dinner in front of the television, you can grab a handful of these plump coated raisins and enjoy them to your heart’s content. Your taste buds and your waistline will thank you.

Another favorite treat whether or not you’re dieting is a hand full of chocolate covered peanuts. When they come in a sugar free recipe, you’ll like them even more. The Chocolate Covered Peanuts – Sugar Free taste just as good as the same treat that has been made with a lot of sugar. Still sweet and crunchy, they feature sugar free milk chocolate over fresh peanuts. Enjoy them any time of the day when you need a little treat. A few of them go a long way. Because this treat contains fresh peanuts, you’ll also get a punch of energy, which is always appreciated during that mid-afternoon slump.

For dieters who want their treat to last for a while without blowing their diet efforts, Gumballs – Sugar Free are the answer. They come in a variety of colors, each with its own sweet fruit flavor. Enjoy your sugar free treat for a good long while when you allow yourself to indulge in chewy gumballs.

Any of these candies can be ordered in cute containers, too, to display on your desk or kitchen counter. The Mini Scoop Bin looks like an old-fashioned candy container with its clear acrylic design. It will look wonderful and fun in any kitchen. The Paint Can is another great way to order your candy in bulk and display it in an attractive. The lid fits firmly to keep your sugar free goodies fresh and tasty. And because these containers are large, you’ll be able to order your sugar free treats in bulk, saving money and time, and keeping a good stock on hand. These are also great to keep at the office to snack healthy!

Maybe you aren’t on a sugar free diet yourself, but you have a friend or family member who is. You can treat them to any of the sugar free candies mentioned above and it will make a thoughtful, much-appreciated gift. Whether they have gone sugar-free as a result of a weight loss plan or a medical dietary restriction, such a gift is sure to brighten their day.

Order your favorites and indulge yourself today. You can satisfy that sugar craving without sabotaging your diet or health. Then, you don’t have to worry about what the bathroom scale might say tomorrow.

Author's Bio: 

Jim Plaskey is a freelance writer who writes about shopping and food products including sugar free candy.