Organizing your closet is one of the most difficult tasks one can perform around the house. You may be in too much of a hurry in the morning to worry about neatness, and you may not have enough energy in the evening to care if your clothes are neatly folded or on the right hanger. More often than not, your goal is to get from one thing to the next as quickly as possible.

The problem here is that over time, when you treat your closet like this, it creates a mess. That mess then multiplies and suddenly one cannot find important elements of clothing, and ends up wasting time in the process of looking. Shoes are probably the greatest casualty of this battle. They are an accessory, and most nights we would rather just kick them off our feet and climb into bed. This problem is compounded when an individual has a wide array of shoes. Getting one’s footwear organized is the first step to an organized closet space, and is quite possibly the most difficult. Thankfully, there are many strategies that are able to make success possible when it comes to solving this particular problem.

Many devices are available that serve to help you get your shoes in order. One of the more useful tools is an over the door organizer. These items have sleeves that fit your shoes, and it hangs over your door for easy access and out of the way storage. You simply put each pair of shoes in an easy to reach sleeve, and they can stay there, out of your way until you need them. This keeps you from creating clutter on the floor and shelves. It also helps keep your shoes all in the same place.

While avoiding clutter is crucial, shelves and floor space can be extremely useful for shoe storage. Placing a shelf designed to hold shoes on the floor can keep many pairs of footwear neatly organized and out of the way. The same goes for shelf space. The problem here comes when you let your shoes get out of place on these shelves. There are a few ways to avoid this problem.

First of all, do not simply create an organization system for your shoes that holds all of your current footwear. If your system is filled to capacity, and you buy a new pair of shoes, you may suddenly be out of luck. Be sure to plan for expansion. You should also attempt to sort your shoes intelligently based on category. How you categorize your footwear is up to you, but the most efficient systems to get your shoes in order tend to focus on either shoe color or type of shoe. The key is to find a system that removes excess clutter. However, you may not be in a situation where you can simply organize everything, you may have to take more drastic action.

You may need to throw away some of your old shoes in order to make more room. Take the ones that you do not wear any more, the ones that have been destroyed over the years with broken heals that you have not gotten around to fix. Take any shoe that is not longer functional and either throw it out, or donate it. If there is still clutter, try separated your shoes based on season or even type and store ones that you are not using away. For example, if you have shoes that you only wear for formal events, put them in a box, and move them out of your closet. This is a good strategy to follow unless you attend formal events often. Splitting up winter and summer shoes can make life easier as well. There are countless ways to successfully store your shoes as long as you are willing to be flexible with how you work your routine.

Organizing your shoes is the key to getting the space in your closet to function efficiently. Cleaning can be a difficult task to begin and it is easy to put off for a later date. However, it is important to begin this process because it provides many benefits and can make your daily life much easier. Shoes are especially important to organize because it is common to have several pairs for different occasions. Proper organization can make these easy to find whenever they are needed.

There are also many products available to help organize your shoes more efficiently. An efficient closet space can have retroactive effects over the rest of your life, allowing you to go more smoothly through morning and evening routines. Once your footwear is arranged in an effective manner, you can be well on your way to successful organization.

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