It is hard to pin down the history between humans and dogs with any degree of certainty, but most scientists believe that somewhere between 18,000 and 32,000 years ago humans and wolves became interdependent on each other for hunting purposes, and as some of the wolves developed closer relations with us they began to form into what we see as today's dogs.

Whenever and however that happened, we have since kept dogs in every environment from the plains of Africa to the coldest reaches of the planet, and dogs have always helped us to survive and thrive just as we have helped them.

When humans began to move into cities, we of course took our dogs with us - modern dogs are less about providing a service than they are beloved companions, though in rural settings many dogs still occupy both worlds, including their ancestral purposes, to help us hunt and herd other animals.

Keeping a dog in the city requires a bit of extra thought and effort, but it is possible to help your dog thrive in these urban environments.

It is important if you want a dog and you live in the city to carefully consider the types of breeds that can get along better in an urban environment. Smaller breeds obviously have an advantage, from Yorkshire Terriers to Corgis, and mid-sized dogs like Greyhounds. Working breeds such as Border Collies and Kelpies may not be the best choice due to their high energy and desire to work with livestock.

A dog will encounter a lot of various situations in an urban environment such as traffic, elevators and crowds so it's important that you widely socialize your puppy from a young age to all sorts of situations so that it becomes accustomed to the types of things they will encounter daily.

Due to the close proximity of other dwellers in the urban environments it's important to try and reduce disruptive barking as much as possible. Two areas that are very important to minimizing barking is to make sure that you dog is receiving adequate exercise and mental stimulation.

As well as on leash walking it's very important that your dog has the opportunity to run off leash and socialize with other dogs. In urban environments this can be challenging however more and more fenced dog parks are being established by local councils and some local beaches are also being made available to exercise your dog off leash. Local council websites can be a great resource to find these areas so you and your dog can enjoy these facilities together.

Mental stimulation is an important part of a urban dogs life and there are many manufacturers now focusing on interactive toys that enrich your dogs life. Kongs that allow you to fill the cavity with food so that you dog has to work to get to the contents is a great way for your dog to pass the time, especially for city dwellers who may work long hours.

Another great option for urban dogs is the doggie day care centers which are available in many of the cities and allow you to drop your dog off for a great day of entertainment interacting with other dogs. Even a couple a days a week of this type of mental and physical stimulation can go a long way to enriching an urban dogs life.

Just like any other dog an urban dog needs a place they can call their own and designer dog beds can help them to offer their own retreat. For good dog beds Australia consider your dog's sleeping style, the climate in your area and of course what works with your home decor.

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